Then, which tables should be exposed to make OMD not to show the site dead?

Best regards

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Hi José,

this will not work as you only expose the services and there only three columns.
Why you don't use the existing filters for views on the target OMD site? There 
are many options to filter the shown data.
Some examples
- create a clone of an existing view with a new id and hardcode your host prefix
- create a search with the host prefix and save the result as bookmark for all 
and so on


José Damián <jdbenav...@hotmail.com<mailto:jdbenav...@hotmail.com>> schrieb am 
Mo., 12. März 2018 um 16:20 Uhr:


My OMD/CheckMK has a site configured as a LiveStatus connection to the port 
6557 of a Nagios server. It works and shows all hosts and services from several 
months ago.

I want to create a new site to hold only the preproduction servers services of 
that same Nagios server. In order to get that:

1. In the Nagios server, I cloned the running   livestatus   xinetd service in 
order to use a filter and to provide the new output through another TCP port 
(6558). The filter is:

GET services

Columns: host_name description state

Filter: host_name ~~ pre

2. In the OMD server, I checked the new Livestatus xinetd service by creating a 
TCP connection using netcat -- It works:

nc x.x.x.x:6558

3. In the OMD server, I clonned the LiveStatus Site using the "Distributed 
Monitoring" WATO and set up the new TCP port, but it appears "dead", which I 
cannot understand.

Why? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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