Hi Andreas,
Thanks for your reply.
I have many host/host groups/rules defined and I would like to copy them and 
not recreate them in the new instance.
I also have many custom views and dashboards.
I am a little bit confused with check_mk files architectures.
I cannot find where my dashboards and views are stored.
In my /opt/omd  folder I mainly have 2 branches:

-        /Sites that contains my only site

-        /Versions that contains my current release 1.4.0p21.cre

I suppose that all my customizations (views, dashbords,...) are be in /Sites. I 
am right
But in /opt/omd/sites/siteXXX/local/share/check_mk all folders are empty
So where are customizations saved?
You talk about "~/local/" but where is this folder?


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Hi Stephane,

If you only want your customization's, then the "~/local/" folder would be 
enough to copy to your new instance.
Then you have a site with zero hosts and rules but with all developed checks.
To put all your changes inside one file you can use the package feature of 
check_mk if your customization's are only inside check_mk.
If you have also made changes to PNP or Nagvis then the copy of local folder 
would be better.

best regards

Stephane C. A. Pelhatre <pelha...@unhcr.org<mailto:pelha...@unhcr.org>> schrieb 
am Fr., 6. Apr. 2018 um 16:23 Uhr:
I have configured Check_MK on a development server and now I want to get all 
customizations on a new production server.
So I think I can use the backup/restore functionality of WATO.
It is possible to restore on a server a backup done on another one?
Of course both servers have the same Check_MK version number.
It seems that we can only do a full backup and then a full restore.
But in my case I want to restore only the customizations but not all the 
measurements of the monitored hosts.
Is it possible?

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