As addition to Robert's answer and to your quests from before.

Inside "~/local" are all modifications stored you have done on the code or
any additions to the code of check_mk (checks, perf-o-meter, self developed
The writing "~/local" means that this is the "local" folder under your site
As all modifications and all work inside a check_mk site should be done
with the respecting site user this is a easy point to test if you use the
actual site user.
If you can cd to this folder then all is ok :)

Inside "~/var/" are all data stored what the system needs to run and what
is changed from users point of view. Also what can be changed inside web

For your problem with the dashboards and views. This are all text files and
as long as they are configured for public use every user will see your
defined dashboards and views.

If you present the dashboards and views as a user then it is important to
understand the points under 3.2

Best regards

Robert Sander <> schrieb am Mo., 9. Apr. 2018
um 17:16 Uhr:

> On 09.04.2018 16:43, Stephane C. A. Pelhatre wrote:
> > Hi Robert,
> > Ok, so dashboards and views are stored in user accounts?
> > It is not stored in a centralized place?
> > Users accounts will not be the same in my 2 instances (dev/prod) and I
> want to apply dashboard and views to all users automatically.
> You could use a local user like cmkadmin / omdadmin for dashboards and
> views that should be available for everyone. Or create a new one just
> for this task.
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