I am setting up a Distributed WATO/check_mk monitoring whereby we have a 
"master" (latest OMD) and I am setting up OMD at other client sites.  I was 
able to add one site no problem.  I setup a fresh site on the remote OMD, setup 
the port forwards for accessing the multisite GUI as well as live status 
(tcp/6557) then added it to my master OMD under Distributed Monitoring.  Adding 
sites, etc. work perfectly on it.

In this site's config, I set the Web GUI to "own" rather than SSL.

At another site, I did exactly the same thing, however after I setup the 
monitoring site on the remote OMD I did 'omd config' on it and set the Web GUI 
to "own", enabled live status, etc. (config is identical to the earlier remote 
site I did).  When I tried adding to my Distributed Monitoring, I gett he 
follwoign error when applying the changes:

HTTP Error - 302: curl: (35) error:140770FC:SSL 
routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol

Sure enough, if I try to access the site 
(http://monitor.domain.com/remotesite/check_mk), the protocol changes from 
'http://' to 'https://' and I get an 502 Proxy error.

Checking the sites 'proxy-port.conf' confirms that there is no reference to 
'https://'  in the ProxyPass settings.  And yes, I used 'http://' and not 
'https://' when I setup the URLs for the remote OMD in the Distributed 
Monitoring config.

Any idea why I am getting redirected to 'https://'?  Is this occurring on the 
remote OMD or my master?



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