I'm currently trying to export my graph as an image using "wget -O
but I keep getting me an HTML file requiring me to authenticate.
I've tried using my user and password for Nagios and Check_Mk (admin),
besides the automation user but no success.

Andreas helped me with another command (REMOTE_USER="check-mk"
SKIP_AUTHORIZATION=1 php -d session.save_path=$OMD_ROOT/tmp/php/session
"/image?host=$HOSTNAME$&srv=$SERVICEDESCRIPTION$&view=1&source=1") and such
command does get me the graph  as an image but that would require me to log
into the site as a user to be able to use such command but that hasn't
worked yet with my php script.

Would there be other way around or maybe there's something wrong with my
config files?
Currently using Check_MK 1.2.8p27 and Nagios 4.2.0.

Best regards,

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