Dear all,This is using check_MK version 1.2.6p2. On one of the oracle db 
server, found 7 oracle monitored objects in unknown "BOMB" state. Please see 
attached.I ever tried "cmk -IIv host", and then "cmk -O". However, probkem 
persists.As referring to an article, i trace to this path - 
/opt/omd/sites/SSS/var/check_mk/crashed_checks/hostname/; found a folder us 
created for each affected object. Fir example, a folder named "ORA WP23 
Instance" created as this monitored object is in unknown state with bomb.3 
files named agent_output, info, and trace were found with katest date and time. 
Does this issue is related with these files?How to solve the problem?Thanks in 
advance.Soo How,Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
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