Hello everyone,
We are interested in organizing a meetup of the Papers We Love Chennai
Chapter on Saturday, 17 March 2018. “Papers We Love” is a group for reading
and discussing Computer Science research papers (example). The meetup will
happen from 3pm to 4.45pm at the office of Viasat India
<https://www.viasat.com/locations/india-%E2%80%93-chennai> in SP Infocity
campus (Google Maps <https://goo.gl/maps/XtXuwA6fF8H2>).

We are going to present on this paper: *"Deep learning
<https://www.cs.toronto.edu/~hinton/absps/NatureDeepReview.pdf>." Yann
LeCun, Yoshua Bengio, and Geoffrey Hinton. Nature. 2015. *

*How it works:* Someone proposes a research paper that they want to present
at the next meeting. At the meeting, the presentation happens for 30-60
minutes followed by a discussion with the audience. The meetings are open
for all to attend. Refreshments will be served.

*Pre-requisites for meetup on Saturday:* We received permission to use
Viasat SP Infocity campus as a venue. Due to security policies, any outside
visitors will have to RSVP before attending the event. *Please email your
name and contact number at least one day in advance*.

The exact address is Viasat India Private Limited Module 1 & 2, 5th Floor,
Block C, SP Infocity, No 40, MGR Salai, Kandanchavadi, Perungudi, Chennai

If you are coming by public transport, there are two options:
1. Chennai MRTS Chennai Beach to Velachery Line: Get down at Taramani MRTS
Railway Station and take an auto to SP Infocity Main Gate. Auto shouldn't
cost Rs.30-40.and you will reach in 5 minutes.
2. Get down at Kandanchavadi bus stand and walk for 10 minutes on Anna
Nedun Salai Road. Please come to the Main Gate.


   - It is possible to develop a principled understanding of technical
   problems when you explore the research literature. For example, the
   Meltdown <https://meltdownattack.com/meltdown.pdf> and Spectre processor
   vulnerabilities were first published as research papers.
   - Research papers are more trust-worthy since most of them are
   peer-reviewed i.e., they are published after their claims are reviewed by
   other experts in that area. In contrast to this, blogs and news websites
   are incentivized to hype recent advances and promote click-bait content
   - You might step out of your comfort zone (research ideas are sometimes
   complex) and meet interesting people.
   - Computer Science is advancing at a tremendous pace. If you engage with
   the research community, your knowledge will grow and compound over time.
   This knowledge can help you solve challenging business problems
      - “When I talk to researchers, when I talk to people wanting to
      engage in entrepreneurship, I tell them that if you read research papers
      consistently, if you seriously study half a dozen papers a week
and you do
      that for two years, after those two years you will have learned
a lot. This
      is a fantastic investment in your own long term development” – Andrew
      (Co-founder of Coursera, among other things)

We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you.

Ganesh Srinivas
Organizer, Papers We Love Chennai
Software Engineer, Viasat
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