On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 12:08:04PM +1200, Evan Hanson wrote:
> Thanks folks, this is a very nice improvement.
> I've applied a combination of these two patches that includes the
> C_i_foreign_integer_argumentp case but leaves the fallback behaviour
> alone. As Lemon says, this pass doesn't do unions so we can't "reduce"
> r1 and instead just pass it through.
> I suppose now would be a good time to discuss whether we should (1) add
> any warnings to this pass, for example when one of these FFI arguments
> is known to have the wrong type, and (2) try to enable the pass for
> optimization levels < 5, as both lfa2 and clustering are disabled with
> "XXX" annotations in chicken.scm. Thoughts?

I think this makes sense.  I suppose they were commented out initially
because the new passes might break things, but they've been in there for
many years now.  I'd prefer we add them all to -O3 and higher for now.
Then, if they cause no problems we can move them up to -O2 and perhaps
-O1 if we're feeling confident enough.


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