> But honestly, I think it's better to just drop require-extension-for-syntax
> and perhaps even require-extension.

The former, yes. The latter is a SRFI, even though few support it.

> One more question: Where should we document "the initial (nameless) macro
> environment"?  For example, cond-expand and module and such need a place
> to be documented too, and they're strictly speaking not part of a module
> (but it's weird to have to look them up somewhere completely different).

Perhaps some introductory section on the module system would be

> OK, one more question and then I'll stop :)
> What about this note in expand.som:
> ;; TODO: Eventually, cond-expand should move to the
> ;; (chicken base) module to match r7rs.  Keeping it in the initial env
> ;; makes it a whole lot easier to write portable CHICKEN 4 & 5 code.

Not sure what is the question here... But I would tend to the latter.


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