Hi there,

I just noticed the fossil scm a couple of weeks ago and I wanted
to have a look at it. I have converted the chicken-core git repo
to it for fun and I have put the database online at

To try this you need to compile fossil or use a software package
of your choice. It will be small, fast and painless.

It is best to have a workspace directory:

$ mkdir chicken-workspace
$ cd chicken-workspace
$ ftp http://pestilenz.org/~ckeen/chicken.fossil
$ mkdir chicken-core
$ cd chicken
$ fossil open ../chicken.fossil
$ fossil ui

You will be pointed to the websites. In case you need to login for
some reason the config user is 'henrietta' with password 'chicken'.

The timeline is fun as seems the integrated bug tracker.

I am still playing with this.

Disclaimer: I provide all this for the curious, I do *not* suggest
another move to a different DVCS. At least not now :)

The fossil website is at http://fossil-scm.org.
There is a nice book about fossil at 

Have fun!


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