From: Joe Python <>
Subject: [Chicken-users] 'find-library' question
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 15:40:07 -0500

> I am still a newbie trying to get there.
> -------------------------------------cut-------------------------------------------
> #;2> (find-library "callback" "alloc_trampoline_r")
> Deleted file - C:\DOCUME~1\abc\Local Settings\Temp\temp49d0.c
> #f
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    1. Where does 'find-library' function get its information from?

Which information do you mean exactly? It will try to compile
a file containing a call to "alloc_trampoline_r" and pass
the linker option "-lcallback" to gcc.

>    2. How can we configure 'chicken' to 'find' the appropriate libraries?

Are the libraries in a standard location? I assume you are using mingw?
(sorry, I haven't followed this thread fully)


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