I have been wondering for a while what the "optimal" workflow is when
working with Chicken (or most other Schemes, for that matter). I
suspect that the way I develop Chicken code is too much like how I use
Python, and that there should be better ways to do it.

Right now, when I write a program in Chicken, it looks something like
this. I have Emacs open with a number of Scheme files loaded. I have a
terminal window open with a csi session, and a browser window with
tabs for Chickadee, the Chicken manual and maybe other Scheme
resources. To try/test code, I use csi -s or -ss at the shell prompt,
and unit tests.

>From what I understand, this is not very "lispy" at all (having seen
videos of people using Common Lisp with SLIME, etc). How do people
here develop in Scheme?

(I tried but it
doesn't tell me much that I didn't already know, and the C-x h C-c C-r
trick to send stuff to the Scheme REPL doesn't work properly for some

Any advice welcome...


--Hans Nowak

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