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On 12/15/22 10:28, Matt Welland wrote:
This seems like a bug (unless I'm missing something?):

(module justtesting *
(import scheme chicken.base generalized-arrays storage-classes)

(define (testit)
   (let* ((size (vector 100 100))
          (ary  (make-array vector-storage-class size 0)))
     (with-output-to-file "testarray.dat"
       (lambda ()
          (array-write ary)))
     (print "wrote array to testarray.dat")
     (let* ((readdata (with-input-from-file "testarray.dat"
       (print "read data into readdata: "readdata))))


wrote array to testarray.dat

Error: Expected a char representing a digit.: #\#

Call history:

array-write-read.scm:1: ##sys#with-environment
array-write-read.scm:1: ##sys#register-compiled-module
array-write-read.scm:4: chicken.load#load-extension
array-write-read.scm:4: chicken.load#load-extension
array-write-read.scm:34: testit
array-write-read.scm:23: generalized-arrays#make-array
array-write-read.scm:24: scheme#with-output-to-file
array-write-read.scm:27: generalized-arrays#array-write
array-write-read.scm:28: chicken.base#print
array-write-read.scm:29: scheme#with-input-from-file   <--

Is this with CHICKEN 4, or 5, or both? I can test on my own but I want to be sure I get the environment right. I suspect it is a bug and you are indeed not mistaken, and I should probably take this egg down until I get time to do a proper v2.0 or whatever.

For context for the list: there are at least two bugs I know of (this being one of them now) that exist within the library as it currently exists. The other is an indexing bug in array-fold I believe, but I need to go back and check. Once upon a time I undertook a redesign of the underlying API to evaluate different ways to work with indices so as to:

1. Provide faster iteration AND
2. Improve clarity / correctness of the code

But ended up never finishing that work. I do still want to fix this and make it useful, but I haven't been as active in the CHICKEN community in the past couple years, mostly due to being too engrossed with work.

I appreciate the bug report though. Is there a ticket on <https://bugs.call-cc.org>? I believe the official repo is now on GitLab <https://gitlab.com/ThatGeoGuy/chicken-generalized-arrays>, but I can throw an issue up and think about better ways to solve this.

Since writing this egg many years ago I've implemented various array / math libraries and now think I have a better appreciation for how to do it better. I really just need to make time for it, and I've not done a great job here.

In the meanwhile, I'm happy to collect any other bug reports or test cases. Either in the above repo or the CHICKEN bug tracker are fine, I keep notifications on both and try to remain active on the list even if I'm not being as good a maintainer in other ways.

Jeremy Steward

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