> >> If breaking 5.X | X < latest is a concern, this means
> >> current-milliseconds must stay in 6.x and can only be removed in
> >> 7.x?
> >
> > Hm I don't see how that follows. Removing current-milliseconds in 6.x
> > doesn't break anything 5.x.
> Right, but just because that's already kinda broken in 5.X.

CHICKEN 6 will have other changes that break existing stuff
because of subtle differences regarding string and port representation in
foreign code and other things that we don't know about yet, that's just
how things go. Issues like "current-milliseconds" vs
"current-process-milliseconds" are, compared to that, trivial and
easy to explain to users, I'd say.

That's what major releases are there for, sometimes one just has
to move on. I agree that the handling of the name change + deprecation
was unwise (likely to be caused be me, initially). Now we will have
to stick with it and learn something for the future.


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