I'm a developer at Adobe, on the Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder)
team.  I'm trying to figure out how to allow --disable-hang-monitor to
work even if Chrome is already running.

Flash Builder, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a full IDE
for creating Flash (and AIR) apps; one of its features is a debugger.
So let's say you create a new project, set a breakpoint, and then
click Debug.  We launch your browser pointing at the Flash app; the
Flash player that is inside the browser connects back to Flash

Then let's say the Flash app hits the line where the breakpoint is.
The Flash player notifies Flash Builder of the breakpoint, and then
blocks, waiting on a socket until Flash Builder tells it what to do
next (e.g. resume, single-step, etc.).

The problem is that 30 seconds later, Chrome detects this as a hang
(which it is, but it's a deliberate one), and puts up the usual

    The following plug-in is unresponsive: Shockwave Flash
    Would you like to stop it?

Even if I say No, the message keeps reappearing every 30 seconds or

I'd like to disable the message during debugging.  It's easy to launch
chrome with --disable-hang-monitor, and that does work, but only if
Chrome wasn't already running before I began my debugging session.  If
Chrome *was* already running, then that flag has no effect.  (I
suspect probably the new instance of chrome.exe just passed control
over to the existing instance, or something like that, and did not
tell Chrome to use this flag.)

I realize this is somewhat tricky to do.  Ideally, that flag would
apply to just the one tab or window that I tried to open, but not to
all the other already-existing windows.  I have not yet looked at the
Chrome/Chromium source code, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is
currently implemented as a global setting.

Is this feasible?  Is there some other way to do what I want?  Should
I log an enhancement request?


  - Mike Morearty
    Sr. Computer Scienstist
    Adobe Systems Inc.

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