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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit db286ca6ead28d59d9ae3f41afa5946b16ed2b30
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Mon Nov 21 11:58:26 2016 +0100

    doc: update NEWS

commit 85fbfd9b150e899bde793c8a679798cfb1120985
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Fri Nov 11 14:04:12 2016 +0100

    sources: add new status for sources that overlap trusted sources
    Sources that overlap trusted sources should be displayed in the chronyc
    sources report with the '-' symbol and they shouldn't trigger a

commit b819c7fe552bb2e12aa90d417400740ee010530c
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Mon Nov 21 11:20:57 2016 +0100

    refclock: don't compare sample time with samples from previous poll
    This is an improvement of commit 0a848e2528aaef0b3347de0b49ce50da8dc1c9a4.

commit 2b5c86b9a3e044f0cb1a1d231f7dc8b4ae7f242b
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Fri Oct 7 10:59:45 2016 +0200

    refclock: fix check for old samples
    The fix in commit 0a848e2528aaef0b3347de0b49ce50da8dc1c9a4 was

commit 0a848e2528aaef0b3347de0b49ce50da8dc1c9a4
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Thu Oct 6 15:21:43 2016 +0200

    refclock: require new samples to have newer timestamp
    If all or most SHM/SOCK samples collected in a polling interval had the
    same local timestamp, the dispersion could end up as nan, which could
    trigger an assert failure later in the code.
    Before accumulating a refclock sample, check if the timestamp is newer
    than the previous one.

commit b443ec5ea585ecc6e9b1c644d8e32400e96f7eba
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Mon Sep 12 12:55:57 2016 +0200

    test: add smooth unit test

commit 37d1467368e63e65823465aa5eedaa76aba3bece
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Mon Sep 12 12:23:09 2016 +0200

    smooth: fix selection of 1st stage direction
    When the smoothing process is updated with extremely small (e.g.
    sub-nanosecond) values, both directions may give a negative length of
    the 1st or 3rd stage due to numerical errors and the selection will fail
    an in assertion. Rework the code to select the direction which gives a
    smaller error.

commit 1d9d19d76ba7952a86b8266e2cfdced114fca883
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Tue Sep 6 15:47:40 2016 +0200

    client: flush stdout after printing prompt
    Apparently fgets() doesn't flush stdout in some libc implementations.

commit 9603f0552a8d78ddd71e643e2a0c3361074bcb27
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Tue Sep 6 15:42:00 2016 +0200

    client: fix printing of negative poll in sources report again
    This was broken in commit 3f51805e6214cad5cb9a863491316937541601ec.

commit 12befc2afd43b41c72e982e6b24966965697fcf1
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Mon Aug 22 13:14:45 2016 +0200

    ntp: fix processing of kernel timestamps on non-Linux systems
    When the SO_TIMESTAMP socket option was enabled, the expected type of
    control messages containing timestamps was SO_TIMESTAMP instead of
    SCM_TIMESTAMP. This worked on Linux, where the two values are equal, but
    not on the other supported systems. The timestamps were ignored and this
    probably worsened the accuracy and stability of the synchronisation.

commit 78f20f7b3e3c424319a02f12f8d5fc16c90d0932
Author: Miroslav Lichvar <>
Date:   Mon Jun 27 14:38:51 2016 +0200

    conf: fix parsing of refclock directive
    Don't accept refclock directive which has as the last argument an option
    that requires a value.



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