After 7 days:

It looks like tempcomp is helpful but maybe my reference is drifting. I want to try this again with a better TCXO.

Temperature vs tempcomp is an interesting graph:

Clock offset was within +/-94us 98% of the time. odroid's poll times of its stratum 1 were between 512 and 1024 seconds. I think these are pretty good numbers.

Looking at both the stratum 1 (BBB) and tempcomp stratum 2 (odroid) from the perspective of a NTP client of both:

I setup a quick benchmark of heating the CPU and on-board crystal with a bunch of cpu wasting processes. CPU core went from 51C to 70C (as measured by the on-CPU temperature sensor):

The test of cpu heating actually turned out pretty well. The tempcomp moves ~400ppb while the tracking moves less than 100ppb. The offset stays within +/- 25us during this time (with a poll of its stratum 1 at 64s).

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