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The annotated tag, 3.0-pre1 has been created
        at  199aad401ce52786649fa24cfec73512cbee0cac (tag)
   tagging  9568ff3f067650965a339fdc4c401de3268a6be0 (commit)
  replaces  2.4.1
 tagged by  Miroslav Lichvar
        on  Fri Dec 9 09:05:05 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
First prerelease for 3.0


Bryan Christianson (3):
      rename 'Mac OS X' to 'macOS'
      local: fix typo in strerror() call
      configure: add option --without-clock-gettime

Lonnie Abelbeck (1):
      client: add tab-completion with libedit/readline

Miroslav Lichvar (165):
      logging: fix LOG_MESSAGE macro to not use semicolon
      sched: rework file handling API
      sched: don't keep prepared fd_set
      sched: add support for output file event
      cmdparse: refactor CPS_ParseNTPSourceAdd()
      cmdparse: remove CPS_Status
      conf: fix parsing of refclock directive
      client: rework error printing for unsupported source options
      ntp: add offset option
      util: round up when converting to 32-bit NTP values
      addressing: pad IPAddr struct explicitly
      sources: optimize SRC_ReportSource() a bit
      client: print intervals in seconds up to 1200 seconds
      client: truncate long hostnames in clients output
      client: indicate truncated addresses/hostnames
      doc: improve description of chronyc -n option
      ntp: check for extension fields only in NTPv4 packets
      ntp: refactor selection of authentication mode
      ntp: detect MS-SNTP packets
      ntp: add support for MS-SNTP authentication in Samba
      ntp: align buffers for control messages
      ntp: rework receiving messages
      configure: include config.h in test code
      ntp: add support for recvmmsg()
      test: add 010-multrecv
      ntp: close client sockets sooner with unsynchronised sources
      ntp: reset tentative flag only when sample was accumulated
      regress: save arrays of constants in single-precision
      sourcestats: extend array holding peer delays
      regress: add linear regression with two independent variables
      sourcestats: add debug message for regression results
      sourcestats: correct offsets with asymmetric network jitter
      sourcestats: report asymmetry in statistics log
      ntp: don't send crypto-NAKs
      util: return normalised timevals
      adopt struct timespec
      util: rename functions dealing with integers in NTP format
      util: modify UTI_*ToDouble functions to return double directly
      local: add support for clock_gettime()
      ntp: add support for SO_TIMESTAMPNS socket option
      sourcestats: update regression after loading dump file
      sources: improve naming of dump files
      sourcestats: make reading/writing dump files Y2106 ready
      sourcestats: remove warning messages from SST_LoadFromFile()
      sourcestats: return success when loading dump file with no samples
      ntp: add corrected delay to debug message in process_receive()
      ntp: fix processing of kernel timestamps on non-Linux systems
      configure: add options to set default pidfile and rtcdevice
      sources: include trust option in leap second voting
      test: extend 113-leapsecond
      test: add support for testing with asymmetric jitter
      test: add 011-asymjitter
      util: convert invalid addresses as IPADDR_UNSPEC
      client: check address in waitsync command
      client: fix printing of negative poll in sources report again
      client: remove out of date comment
      client: flush stdout after printing prompt
      conf: disable dumpdir and logdir by default
      sources: remove dump files on start
      use correct facility in LOG messages
      sched: initialize sub-second part of saved_tv in SCH_MainLoop()
      smooth: fix selection of 1st stage direction
      test: add smooth unit test
      util: add UTI_IsZeroTimespec()
      refclock: use UTI_TimespecToString() in debug message
      sys_linux: allow getdents in seccomp filter
      sched: add support for handling exceptions on descriptors
      ntp: fix updating of transmit delay in symmetric mode
      ntp: check for missing source address after recvmsg()
      ntp: use ipi_addr from struct in_pktinfo as local address
      ntp: inline send_packet()
      refclock: require new samples to have newer timestamp
      refclock: fix check for old samples
      sys_linux: add function for checking kernel version
      ntp: add support for processing of transmitted packets
      ntp: save source of local timestamps
      ntp: add support for software timestamping on Linux
      ntp: add support for interleaved symmetric mode
      ntp: check also NTP receive timestamp when updating TX timestamp
      ntp: add support for interleaved client/server mode
      clientlog: move status check to get_record()
      hwclock: add support for tracking hardware clocks
      test: add hwclock unit test
      test: add 122-xleave
      ntp: read interface index from control messages
      ntp: add support for HW timestamping on Linux
      doc: update chrony.conf man page for recent changes
      ntp: fix poll value in broadcast mode packets
      util: add functions for zeroing and comparing NTP timestamps
      test: add util unit test
      ntp: disable presend in symmetric and interleaved modes
      ntp: add partial protection against replay attacks on symmetric mode
      ntp: add new fields to measurements log
      ntp: fix remote poll in measurements log
      ntp: print offset and delay in debug messages in nanosecond resolution
      conf: create socket directory before logdir and dumpdir
      sources: don't log warning when opening dump file fails
      sources: add new status for sources that overlap trusted sources
      report: remove unused definition
      client: fix attempt number in requests to be in network order
      client: randomize sequence number in requests
      sched: add more random bits to timeout scheduling
      ntp: improve replay protection in symmetric mode
      ntp: detect unexpected TX updates of unknown sources
      hwclock: fix order of samples
      ntp: ignore truncated messages
      ntp: add debug message for truncated control messages
      refclock: don't compare sample time with samples from previous poll
      Merge branch '2.4-stable' into HEAD
      ntp: transpose HW RX timestamps
      sys_linux: allow ioctls used with HW timestamping in seccomp filter
      ntp: fix calculation of PHC sample time
      ntp: don't reset polling interval when switching to/from online
      reference: randomize reference time
      ntp: process presend responses
      ntp: shorten presend delay to 2 seconds
      ntp: send two presend packets in interleaved mode
      ntp: allow presend of zero
      ntp: don't send presend packets in burst mode
      ntp: fix logging of RX timestamp source in interleaved mode
      ntp: add new debug message
      sources: give access to sourcestats instance
      client: print reference ID in hexadecimal
      client: add new format specifiers to print_report()
      client: fix format specifiers in sourcestats report
      cmdmon: add ntpdata command
      client: add ntpdata command
      client: zero pad reference ID
      ntp: fix length modifier of refid in measurements log
      doc: update README
      doc: update man pages
      doc: update FAQ
      util: move authentication and password decoding functions to keys
      keys: add support for checking truncated MACs
      ntp: accept NTPv4 packets with truncated MACs
      ntp: truncate MACs in NTPv4 packets
      test: extend 105-ntpauth
      ntp: avoid truncation of NTPv4 MACs by default
      ntp: don't make client log entries for broadcast TX
      main: add -t option to chronyd
      conf: increase default minsamples and polltarget
      regress: remove unused struct declaration
      configure: rename SOCKDIR to RUNDIR
      main: add -t option to usage text
      sys_linux: allow openat in seccomp filter
      client: fix add command
      client: fix format specifier for poll in ntpdata report
      client: fix truncation of long hostnames
      client: print addresses with refids in ntpdata report
      ntp: rework calculation and testing of peer delay
      cmdmon: allow all parameters to be set for new sources
      sourcestats: save variance as standard deviation
      sources: add configurable limit for jitter
      ntp: fix RX error added to dispersion in interleaved mode
      ntp: add TX error to dispersion
      hwclock: fix check of sample separation
      ntp: fix clang warning
      configure: fix help text
      configure: use common CPPFLAGS for all objects
      test: add scan-build compilation test
      refclock: slew last sample even after it was used
      refclock: make maximum lock age configurable
      test: update 119-smoothtime
      doc: update README
      doc: update NEWS



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