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The annotated tag, 3.0-pre2 has been created
        at  969cc37611ce8cc2ba03d33b33b9ef463d540a30 (tag)
   tagging  16519ee2cc5eaed53c946b2a9cf3c56ad7df6be1 (commit)
  replaces  3.0-pre1
 tagged by  Miroslav Lichvar
        on  Thu Dec 15 13:47:45 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Second prerelease for 3.0


Miroslav Lichvar (18):
      ntp: disable maxdelayratio in interleaved/symmetric mode
      stubs: rework emulation of asynchronous resolver to use pipes
      nameserv: set CLOEXEC flag on pipe file descriptors
      cmdmon: add reserved fields to ntpdata reply
      sourcestats: save asymmetry run in dump files
      sourcestats: add lower bound for std dev used for weighting
      cmdmon: update protocol changelog
      examples: avoid Unix domain socket in chrony-wait service
      sourcestats: add upper bound for skew
      client: don't require address in ntpdata command
      client: improve ntpdata output
      ntp: allow wildcard in hwtimestamp directive
      doc: improve hwtimestamp description
      configure: don't use recvmmsg() on FreeBSD
      clientlog: allow very short rate limiting intervals
      clientlog: randomize alignment of log timestamps
      clientlog: enable NTP response rate limiting by default
      doc: update NEWS



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