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The annotated tag, 3.2-pre1 has been created
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   tagging  554b9b06de3cc17187cac2f5b0b7d7fc40d161c2 (commit)
  replaces  3.1
 tagged by  Miroslav Lichvar
        on  Tue Jul 25 18:02:27 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
First prerelease for 3.2


Bryan Christianson (1):
      sys_macosx: add support for ntp_adjtime() on macOS 10.13+

Chris Perl (1):
      sourcestats: reorder arguments to DEBUG_LOG in SST_IsGoodSample

Miroslav Lichvar (91):
      privops: separate res_init() call
      logging: remove facility parameter
      main: rewrite some error messages
      main: dump history by default
      local: improve log message for failed clock step
      sys: add null driver
      test: make 117-fallbackdrift more reliable
      test: fix DEBUG_LOG use in unit tests
      sys_linux: allow getpid in seccomp filter
      test: make 118-maxdelay more reliable
      test: improve run script
      makefile: run tests in multiple iterations on check
      util: indicate truncated Unix socket path in UTI_SockaddrToString()
      configure: check for clang
      sys_linux: don't drop PHC samples with zero delay
      sys_linux: allow sysinfo in seccomp filter
      ntp: remove unnecessary include
      ntp: include local error in hwclock samples
      refclock: don't require raw time in valid_sample_time()
      refclock: allow drivers to provide cooked PPS samples
      refclock: allow all drivers to provide PPS samples
      refclock: add option to treat non-PPS refclocks as PPS
      sys_linux: add support for external PHC timestamping
      refclock_phc: add support for timestamping of external PPS
      refclock: add option to filter wrong pulse edges
      doc: update refclock documentation
      sourcestats: handle negative elapsed time in SST_GetSelectionData()
      main: use LOG_FATAL to print error when UID is not zero
      logging: allow logging to file instead of syslog
      main: add option to specify log file
      doc: fix typo in chronyd man page
      main: use getopt() for command line parsing
      client: use getopt() for command line parsing
      client: try to connect to all addresses before giving up
      main: close logs as last thing before exit
      ntp: always try to enable SW timestamping on Linux
      ntp: add support for new Linux timestamping options
      ntp: add option to select HW RX timestamping filter
      doc: update description of hwtimestamp directive
      ntp: apply HW TX/RX compensation to system time
      util: add support for getrandom()
      ntp: suggest clients to increase their polling interval
      refclock: set default precision to precision of system clock
      conf: abort when include directive fails
      sourcestats: include precision in weight calculation
      regress: fix robust regression
      regress: speed up range expansion in robust regression
      regress: fix assertion in robust regression
      regress: use chars instead of ints for flags
      regress: reduce maximum number of points to 64
      regress: provide function to find median
      sourcestats: use median distance in weight calculation
      test: fix crash when printing debug messages
      test: add regress unit test
      configure: add missing object for PHC refclock
      client: check IP address family before printing as refid
      reference: move static tz variables to function using them
      local: add support for setting TAI-UTC offset
      sys_timex: add support for setting TAI-UTC offset
      reference: get TAI-UTC offset from leap second timezone
      hwclock: decrease tolerance of robust regression to 0.1 ppb
      ntp: fix poll interleaving with unsynchronised peers
      ntp: reverse poll tracking in interleaved symmetric mode
      ntp: fix debug message about unknown HW timestamping ifindex
      sys_timex: rename status variable
      sys_timex: fix update of TAI offset on non-Linux systems
      main: refactor check of pidfile
      ntp: define NTP port for configuration code
      main: don't require root privileges with -Q option
      configure: check for hardening compiler options
      configure: fix compiler warning in getrandom() test
      ntp: reset TX counter on all valid responses
      ntp: ignore saved remote poll when peer is not responding
      ntp: fix poll in source report
      ntp: add function for zeroing local timestamps
      ntp: refactor timestamp selection and interval calculation
      ntp: select timestamps in interleaved mode
      ntp: revert reversed poll tracking in interleaved mode
      ntp: don't accumulate old samples in interleaved client mode
      sourcestats: increase number of samples needed to check delay
      ntp: simplify get_poll_adj()
      regress: avoid undefined behavior in pointer arithmetic
      client: avoid undefined bit shifts
      util: avoid undefined behavior in timestamp conversion
      manual: handle failed robust regression
      cmdmon: report offset after manual timestamp as float
      reference: don't report zero stratum when synchronised
      conf: don't allow slash with hostname in allow/deny directive
      client: don't allow slash with hostname in allow/deny command
      sys_linux: allow getrandom in seccomp filter
      doc: update NEWS



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