I stopped chronyd, then advanced the local clock by about 10 seconds. When I 
restarted chronyd it hit a fatal error with adjtime().

I put this patch in to correct the problem but thought I should discuss with 
you before submission. I'm wondering if it might be better to patch 
PRV_AdjustTime so that on macOS we can always handle a NULL argument.

With this patch, the frequency jumped up to 2500 ppm until the local offset was 
below 1 second. It then dropped back to its usual value and the system 
converged as normal. 

number9:chrony bryan$ git diff
diff --git a/sys_netbsd.c b/sys_netbsd.c
index ba66b12..226b4eb 100644
--- a/sys_netbsd.c
+++ b/sys_netbsd.c
@@ -84,9 +84,18 @@ get_offset_correction(struct timespec *raw,
   struct timeval remadj;
   double adjustment_remaining;
+#ifdef MACOSX
+  struct timeval t1 = {0, 0};
+  if (PRV_AdjustTime(&t1, &remadj) < 0)
+    LOG_FATAL("adjtime() failed");
+  if (PRV_AdjustTime(&remadj, NULL) < 0)
+    LOG_FATAL("adjtime() failed");
   if (PRV_AdjustTime(NULL, &remadj) < 0)
     LOG_FATAL("adjtime() failed");
   adjustment_remaining = UTI_TimevalToDouble(&remadj);

Bryan Christianson

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