This is an automated email from git. It was generated because a ref
change was pushed to the "chrony/chrony.git" repository.

The annotated tag, 3.2-pre2 has been created
        at  d4ac5b72da3516acc0e7e5a8f37fafebbe645abe (tag)
   tagging  e0e6ec0d848e221940e5b77c4f6ec0ca85523506 (commit)
  replaces  3.2-pre1
 tagged by  Miroslav Lichvar
        on  Tue Aug 29 14:45:04 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Second prerelease for 3.2


Bryan Christianson (2):
      main: fix -q option
      sys_netbsd: fix adjtime() fault on macOS

Miroslav Lichvar (43):
      logging: enable line buffering of file log
      ntp: enable maxdelayratio test in interleaved client mode
      ntp: improve detection of missed packets in interleaved mode
      ntp: limit number of interleaved responses in symmetric mode
      ntp: don't send useless requests in interleaved client mode
      ntp: skip IPv6 extension headers
      doc: update chrony.conf man page for recent changes
      doc: fix server mode number in chrony.conf man page
      examples: improve NetworkManager dispatcher script
      ntp: minimize data in client mode packets
      hwclock: fix conversion of HW timestamps
      test: improve hwclock unit test
      sched: add new timeout class for peer transmissions
      client: fix parsing of -v command option
      test: fix ntp_core unit test
      reference: don't adjust invalid reference time
      smooth: don't adjust invalid time of last update
      util: add assertion for NTP timestamp size
      util: simplify clamping in UTI_TimespecNetworkToHost()
      sys_linux: fix building with older kernel headers
      sourcestats: add fixed minimum delay
      sourcestats: add fixed asymmetry
      conf: add mindelay and asymmetry options to NTP sources
      cmdmon: add new fields to ADD_SERVER/ADD_PEER request
      reference: simplify check for NaN
      reference: don't update fallback drift on manual input
      reference: refactor log writing
      reference: separate calculation of root dispersion
      reference: add new fields to tracking log
      doc: include uncorrected offset in bound on maximum error
      hwclock: drop all samples on reset
      hwclock: check if estimated frequency is sane
      hwclock: improve debug message
      ntp: allow TX-only HW timestamping by default
      conf: use enum for RX filter
      util: check for gmtime() error
      memory: check for overflow when (re)allocating array
      sourcestats: move maxdelaydevratio test to ntp_core
      ntp: improve maxdelayratio test
      test: add 123-mindelay test
      doc: fix spelling
      update copyright years
      doc: update NEWS



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