On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 10:45:56AM +0100, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> In unprivileged containers even after e8096330 "sys_linux: don't keep
> CAP_SYS_TIME with -x option" default installations
> will still run without an explicit -x being set and therefore fail by
> missing CAP_SYS_TIME.
> In some use cases users want the NTP server service to "just work" which
> in a non-CAP_SYS_TIME environment means that chrony has to fall back.

As I said in the previous mail, they can use -x to have an NTP server
that always "works". We seem to agree that neither -x or -X should be
a default. In what configuration it would be useful to enable -X but
not -x?

I appreciate the effort you put into the patch, but without a use case
it seems to me like an unnecessary complication of the code and
another trap for the user to fall in.

> By that a user will get an NTP server working independent to the
> environment, that will control the local time if it is able to do so.
> This is not set as default as the fallback is considered a loss of time
> control that users should opt-in, but the new config allows an admin and
> setup tools to opt into -x like behavior without loosing the feature to
> control time when running in an environment that is able to do so.

They either need the clock to be controlled by chronyd or they don't.
If they don't, I think they can always use -x.

I have some comments about the patch, but I think we should make this
clear first.

Miroslav Lichvar

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