On Fri, 12 Aug 2016, Chris Greenman wrote:

it's a usb puck.  so no.  Actually I haven't actually looked but typical USB is 
+5v data+ data- and gnd.  As
far as I know the only place the pps signal is available is inside the puck 
between the GPS module and the usb

Well, usb serial immitatiors can also immitate the control lines from a serial
line. Thus one of the usb packets can be a simlation of the PPS signalalong
the appropriate serial line.  But those are likely to have far worse behaviour 
than the actual lines.
It might however be better than the data phrases usually coming along the
serial line.

 like I said I COULD crack it open and run a new cable that included the pps 

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      On Fri, 12 Aug 2016, Chris Greenman wrote:

            I CAN hook it up for PPS but it will require cracking open the puck 
and it's not that
            crucial for my use

      Isn't there an output line from the puck which carries the PPS signal?

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