Debian jessie gets the start dependencies wrong and starts gpsd before starting 

The simple fix is to stop gpsd, wait a few seconds and then restart it. It 
should then attach to the chrony listening socket.

A long term fix is to sort out the dependencies. There was a lot of discussion 
of this on the gpsd mail list a few months back. A search of the their archives 
may be helpful.

> On 8/08/2016, at 4:21 PM, Steve Horton <> wrote:
> I see gpsd using the socket but I don't see chrony accessing it at all. Can 
> you comment out the shm line and strace chrony again? I think that's where 
> the issue is.
> On Aug 7, 2016 10:27 PM, "Chris Greenman" <> wrote:
> I've attached the strace files.   The commands I used were:
> root@IrishMistII:/tmp# strace -o /tmp/chrony.strace.out chronyd
> root@IrishMistII:/tmp# strace -o /tmp/gpsd.strace.out gpsd -D 8 -F 
> /var/run/chrony.ttyACM0.sock /dev/ttyACM0
> On Aug 7, 2016 12:50 AM, "Steve Horton" <> wrote:
> We need to see if gpsd is sending and if chrony is rx anything on that 
> socket. I'd start both process in strace to srart. Then maybe start gpsd in 
> debug -D 8 and see if its writing to that chrony socket. Strace will show 
> what's happening underneath.

Bryan Christianson

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