Running latest chrony(d)(c) with a raspberry Pi 3(B) and a DS3231 (DS1307 with 
temp comp) and GPS with PPS on GPIO pin 18.

PPS and GPS work fine (thanx to the list!).

Now I added an RTC module.

Still have all good PPS etc.

After restarting chronyd first then gpsd everything starts up fine.  Good data 
on gpsmon, ppstest.

When doing a chronyc sources, starts out with both RTC and PPS having a ?.  
After a short time, it will pick up the RTC (*) then the PPS (*) and RTC(-).  
Then very shortly thereafter both (RTC and PPS) switch to falseticker (X) 
status, never to recover.

System time is set to UTC, and chrony.conf reflects this (rtconutc).

Offset is less than 100 msec.

Any thoughts?



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