On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 09:50:30AM -0400, Chris Perl wrote:
> But, in general, I would prefer if the remote sources were not combined to
> discipline the clock, as there is more uncertainty in the time they are
> providing (by virtue of being farther away).

If the remote servers have root distance larger than combinelimit
times the local root distance, they shouldn't be combined with the
local servers. You would probably need a local stratum-1 server for
this to work as you intend.

> Consider all the `server' lines for the purposes of determining the time
> and figuring out falsetickers.  But, when choosing the source to select,
> prefer those marked with prefer, in order.
> In addition, don't combine sources whose root_distance is more than N times
> that of the selected source (I'd have to figure out the right value of N
> for the local and remote servers in question).
> Does that sound like it might get what I want?  Are there other config
> options I should be looking at?

You configure both, but the prefer option should be enough. If at
least one source with the prefer option passes the falseticker test,
all sources that don't have the option will be ignored, even if they
would pass the combining limit.

Miroslav Lichvar

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