One possibility-- is your chronyc a different version from chronyd? Ie, did
you compile and impliment chronyd and not put in the associated chronyc (or
vice versa-- instituted a new chronyc but did not make sure that the new
chronyd was running.)

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On Thu, 27 Apr 2017, Benjamin Schnieders wrote:

Hi Bill,
going to interactivemode works, however, calling sources results in
chronyc> sources
506 Cannot talk to daemon

Same for clients, activity, ... 

I guess it's a config issue? Did I specifty the allow rules correctly?


2017-04-27 16:01 GMT+01:00 Bill Unruh <>:

      On Thu, 27 Apr 2017, Benjamin Schnieders wrote:

            Hi all,
            I'm having a little difficulty with chrony. I have two computers, 
one (slave,
            ubuntu 16.04) set up to
            sync to the other (master, ubuntu 14.04).

            On slave, "sudo chronyc sources" works fine and returns me the 
master's hostname,
            also it appears to be
            210 Number of sources = 1
            ^* master                       10   6    17   43m    -67ms[  
-67ms] +/-   72ms

            On master, "sudo chronyc sources" fails with error 506. I've dug a 
little, here's
            all the info I have:

      sudo chronyc

      to go into interactive mode. Then do sources to see the sources or any 
error messages.

      Look at the error messages which are generated at each step.

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