>> chrony needs to be started as root, so it can bind to the various
> restricted
> ports (eg 123) it needs, but then it changes user to chrony. Not sure if
> _chrony was a misprint.

Apparently, it is "_chrony" on Ubuntu 16.04.
~$ ps aux | grep chrony
_chrony   1106  0.0  0.0 107840  3028 ?        S    10:22   0:00

On the problematic machine, however, it's still running as root. It's also
running as root on another client machine (on which chronyc sources works),
which is also Ubuntu 14.04, so that appears to be normal.
~$ ps aux | grep chrony
root      1213  0.0  0.0  23452  2656 ?        S    11:17   0:00

Am I looking at the right place? It appeared to me that the slave pc was
syncing its time with master. However, after using ntpdate a couple minutes
later to sync both master and slave to a third machine, master was a
considerable time (half a second) off. (I synced both of them to the same
time server before starting chrony) Is it at all possible that chrony does
hand the correct time to the slave pc, but is not able to set it on the
master pc?

Checked the version again after restarting, no change.

Thanks already,

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