On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 08:24:57PM +0000, Parker, Michael D. wrote:
> The chrony allow directive allows the addition of a symbolic hostname in its
> specification. However, I took a leap in entering the following directive:
> allow hostname/16
> which failed to do what I expected but no configuration file error was
> flagged.

This is not supported. If allow/deny has a hostname, it always applies
to all 32 (for IPv4) or 128 bits (for IPv6).

> If hostname is, my expectation was that the allow
> statement would apply to the entire 10.10.x.x network.

Is this a common feature supported by other networking applications?
I'm not sure if I ever saw a network specified like that.

> In this context, apparently the '/16' is ignored. Is there some way that I
> could put basically a symbolic name in the /etc/chrony.conf file instead of
> IP numbers in a network context? The documentation gives no hint if this is
> possible.

It's not currently supported in chronyd, but you could probably
resolve the names in a script and apply the changes with chronyc.

Miroslav Lichvar

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