I was just looking through macOS 10.13, wondering why ntpd was not running. 
Apple seem to have got rid of it and are now using something called timed.
I don't know anything at all about it, other than its running (I just enabled 
it after stopping chronyd) and I think is using the ntpd config files. There is 
a man page (posted below). It must have been around for a while as it was 
available in iOS 5.0

I guess its either NOT making any adjtime() calls and is exclusively using 
ntp_adjtime(), or alternatively, they have deliberately broken adjtime() in the 
kernel to match what this timed is expecting. Probably the former rather than 
the latter I would hope.

TIMED(8)                  BSD System Manager's Manual                 TIMED(8)

     timed -- time synchronization daemon

     timed takes no arguments, and users should not launch it manually.

     timed maintains system clock accuracy by synchronizing the clock with 
reference clocks via
     technologies like NTP.  Inputs are merged inside of timed, where it 
calculates uncertainty to
     facilitate scheduling proactive time jobs. timed is also aware of 
power/battery conditions.

                   NTP server configuration.

                   The cached state of timed

                   The timed service's property list file for launchd(8).

     date(1), settimeofday(2), adjtime(2), gettimeofday(2), launchd(8)

     This timed first appeared in Mac OS X 10.13 and iOS 5.0.

Darwin                         January 26, 2016                         Darwin

Bryan Christianson

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