The second prerelease for chrony-3.2 is now available.

The sources can be downloaded here:

MD5 and SHA1 sums:
87f7e406ccadb581ab2cfa149769d7c6  chrony-3.2-pre2.tar.gz
bb2ddc3a32574a34c55eeb527e21f43cd64ed0e1  chrony-3.2-pre2.tar.gz

Changes since 3.2-pre1:

* Improve stability with hardware timestamping
* Improve NTP interleaved mode
* Minimise data in client requests to improve privacy
* Allow transmit-only hardware timestamping by default
* Add root delay, root dispersion and maximum error to tracking log             
* Add mindelay and asymmetry options to server/peer/pool directive              

Bug fixes
* Fix -q option to set system clock
* Fix parsing of -v command options in chronyc
* Fix crash on macOS 10.13 when slewing large offset
* Fix building with older Linux kernel headers

Miroslav Lichvar

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