> > Assuming the servers are reachable/fine, would a short connection time of
> > 2-3 seconds twice per day be enough to keep synchronized, or should i
> > rather enforce some minimum "on" time? (no big precision required, just
> > within 1s)
> That should be ok. 1 second per 12 hours is a frequency error of 23
> ppm. Unless the clock on the board is very unstable, its error should
> stay well below that.

i'm not (so) worried by the precision, but rather if chrony manages to 
"exploit" in a useful way the single query to each server that it will manage 
to send in those 2-3 seconds window.
There seems to be an implicit "yes" in you answer :)

> > server SERVER1/2/3 auto_offline offline iburst presend 10 minpoll 4
> > initstepslew 3600 SERVER1/2/3
> If you don't need chronyd to block the boot sequence until the clock
> is stepped I'd suggest to drop the initstepslew directive

ok thanks for the hint!

BR, Ariel

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