YEAH and look at the FUNNY BANKING Ollie & COMPANY did in HOUSTON TX 
two blocks from the HOUSTONIAN residence of 41 and Barbara (PS I 
built that suite)  See  See THE 
And see just how deep this rabbit hole goes.  Dallas and Houston 
Banks and S&Ls were Ollie and COMPANY's (NSA's) private little PIGGY 
Judson Witham
OH by the way I'll Bet AOL blocks my e-mail to most of your AOL e 
mail suscribers
Is'nt Corporate censorship GRAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RoadsEnd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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Date: August 30, 2005 8:13:37 AM PDT
Subject: Supreme Court Nominee Roberts and Iran-Contra

Democrats Seeking Release of Withheld Roberts Documents

Washington Post, August 24, 2005
Bush's preference, long predating this Supreme Court fight, [is] to 
enhance presidential power -- often by claiming privilege for 
sensitive documents and conversations. The Bush team, for instance, 
is refusing to make public Roberts's documents for his tour as deputy 
solicitor general in George H.W. Bush's administration, an effort to 
keep confidential litigation deliberations in cases involving the 
federal government. The White House also has the legal right to 
review the 2,100-plus yet-to-be-released documents and can claim 
executive privilege to keep them private, according to Fawcett, the 
assistant archivist for presidential libraries at the National 

"The administration remains committed to providing all the material 
that is appropriate to give to the Judiciary Committee," said Steve 
Schmidt, a White House spokesman. "We look forward to facilitating 
the release of these additional documents as they move forward 
through the . . . process."
Many withheld documents seem to clearly fit within the privacy 
exemption, including a memo from November 1984 detailing Roberts's 
holiday plans. In other instances, archivists are keeping documents 
on controversial issues of the 1980s -- or portions of those 
documents -- secret, for reasons that are not self-explanatory.
One file withheld, regarding the Iran-Contra affair, was a draft memo 
from Roberts to his bosses with the heading "re: establishment of 
NHAO" -- referring to the Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office.
The office was one of the ways the Reagan administration got around 
what were known as the Boland amendments, which prohibited U.S. 
intelligence agencies from spending money to overthrow the 
Sandinistas. The office was a way the administration could get funds 
to the contras for nonmilitary purposes, but once there the money was 
used for all sorts of things.
Staff writers Jo Becker and R. Jeffrey Smith contributed to this 
ctrl is a discussion & informational exchange list. Proselytizing 
propagandic screeds are unwelcomed. Substance—not soap-boxing—
please!  These are sordid matters and 'conspiracy theory'—with its 
many half-truths, mis-directions and outright frauds—is used 
politically by different groups with major and minor effects spread 
throughout the spectrum of time and thought.
That being said, ctrl gives no endorsement to the validity of posts, 
and always suggests to readers; be wary of what you read. ctrl gives 
no credence to Holocaust denial and nazi's need not apply.

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