The Reagan Bush,  ROBERTS, Ed Meese, Dick Thornberg, OLLIVER NORTH Bank and S&L Lootings Covered UP by ROBERTS and the entire INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT MAFIA.
When you loot 500 BILLION from Banks and S&Ls you have to have an angle and exit strategy
Judson Witham  I lie NOT
The Great Texas Bank Job is REAL and TRUE

judson witham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 13:37:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: judson witham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Federal Crackdown On Realty Fee Kickbacks Underway "In Every State."
To: greg collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

CNN's Nelda Luce Radabaugh Blair use to represent ME before she went to work for Montgomery County, Texas.  Ooops Did I Mention she was working for the Crooked Ass Title Company American Title that SCRWED US before the Firm of Hope and Mayes PC Conroe, Texas took our case ???  In short, the Title Reports and Title Policies associated with THOUSANDS of Criminal land Conveyances were COVERED UP.  RESPA and the Land Title Registration Act and many other Laws were routinely violated. YUP the Courts and Feds are Corrupt and BAD.   There are THOUSANDS of Bull Shit land deals Like Whitewater/Castle Grande all over Texas and the Southwest hell the entire Nation has ILLEGAL SUBDIVISIONS where the hell is HUD's RESPA teams.  RICO is the KEY WORD HERE
When you loot 500 BILLION from Banks and S&Ls you have to have an angle and exit strategy
Judson Witham  I lie NOT
The Great Texas Bank Job is REAL and TRUE
Major Federal Crackdown On Realty Fee Kickbacks Underway "In Every State."

The federal government has issued a warning to realty agents, builders, title agencies, mortgage brokers and other industry participants: Get ready for a wave of RESPA crackdowns, and financial penalties that could make your head spin.

In remarks last week, the federal government's top Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) investigator, Ivy Jackson, said that a recent $450,000 settlement with Tulsa realty agents and builders is just the tip of the iceberg. Potentially dozens of additional crackdowns are in the wings.

Jackson heads HUD's RESPA enforcement unit, and has unleashed dozens of on-staff and contract investigators -- often ex-FBI, Customs Bureau or financial regulatory agency sleuths -- to break up what she called "blatant violations" of federal anti-kickback rules among realty agents, title companies, lenders and others nationwide.

"We are doing investigations in every state," she said, and "we anticipate a very busy (enforcement) year." Jackson's office gets hundreds of tips a year about alleged payoff arrangements involving realty agents, brokers, lenders, mortgage brokers, builders and title and escrow agencies every year. The tips come mainly from local competitors inside the industry, but also are sent in by individual consumers, federal banking regulators, and state officials.

The Tulsa settlement, unveiled in late March, involved allegations that realty agents and builders created shell corporations that bought into local title companies, and then distributed referral-fee kickbacks based on which agent or builder made the referrals to the companies. The participants all denied wrongdoing, but agreed to pay nearly half a million dollars to settle the case.

That settlement followed a much larger agreement with Chicago Title Insurance Co., involving alleged referral-fee payoffs in Texas. In that case, Chicago Title paid the federal government $5 million and the Texas Department of Insurance $1.2 million. HUD alleged that Chicago Title knowingly participated in schemes involving falsified closing documents and illegal payoffs. Chicago Title denied all wrongdoing as part of its settlement.

Jackson told a, real estate lenders and brokers, conference last week that "we are using every resource at our disposal" to move against realty agents, mortgage brokers, lenders and title companies "who ignore the rules" on referral fees. Jackson said that over 60 major investigations, or settlement cases, are currently underway, and that the department now routinely works with state real estate and financial regulatory officials, insurance commissioners, and state attorneys general to identify and stop illegal activities.

She conceded that until recently, RESPA enforcement was less prominent than it is now. But HUD has recently tripled its RESPA investigative staff, and has a contract with a company in Virginia that provides ex-FBI, ex-Customs Bureau and other trained law enforcement and financial investigators to deconstruct even the most sophisticated cover-ups of referral fee arrangements.

In the Tulsa case, for example, Jackson said the realty agents and builders created a "multi-tier" kickback scheme which appeared to pass federal legal tests at the surface level, but failed at the next level below. RESPA prohibits anyone from giving or accepting a kickback, or other thing, of value in exchange for referral of settlement business. HUD regulations permit realty, lending, and title agencies to create "affiliated business" arrangements and joint ventures, but require the participants to have bona fide economic stakes at risk in the ventures. The rules also require distributions of joint venture profits according to ownership shares, rather than on the basis of numbers of referrals of business.

According to HUD, the Oklahoma realty agent and builder ventures distributed profits, based on volume of referrals,and allowed some participants into the scheme for nominal, below-market investments. HUD also charged that the title companies marked up some customers' fees illegally.

Copyright © 2005 Realty Times. All Rights Reserved.
Source: Realty Times Last Updated: 06/09/2005 10:49 AM CDT

greg collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hello Judson
I totally agree with you about the Rico i threatened
Il.governor Rod blagojevic with Rico the same one who
revoked my license after I was hit from behind and who
gave 25 million in tax breaks to the same Ameriquest
office which ripped me off and magically I got my
license back no questions no fees.These crimes are
Mafia crimes and definitely fall under Rico I'm
tyrying to put as much together as because there seems
to be a huge disparity between whats required under
the law to prove conspiracy and to actually win these
cases.We are on the same page hear I say to push for
as many of these convictions as we can get assuming of
course they actually did the crime.

--- judson witham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:

> The NATION WIDE Title Insurance Prosecutions going
> on NOW of nearly ALL the Title Companies are
> enabling actions to POSSIBLY involke RICO Law and
> Statues Of Limitations for Conspiracies and
> Concealment of those CRIMES. Please take some time
> and RESEARCH the links and info on the Great Texas
> Bank Job. The FACTS are simple the Title
> Examinations were TAINTED with fraud up the keester.
> Using FALSE title information in a Bank Loan and
> Real Estate transaction is CRIMINAL. How big a LIE
> or FRAUD does it take to TAINT a transaction. VERY
> Judson Witham
> greg collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:
> Hello Judson
> Thaks for your prompt response and action I know
> together we crooks and eliminate the threat to our
> liberty you mentioned postal inspectors I wasn't
> aware
> of that we perhaps we can bring suit in Fed court I
> know thats going to the wolves Ameriquest fought
> like
> crazy to get my case kicked into Fed court and kept
> out of stae court my case is stayed pending ruling
> by
> Illinois Supreme court,but at least this will go
> into
> the lime light and people will start putting peices
> together of course this gives them the opportunity
> to
> present a seemless case of the checkes and balances
> working since the case would be adjudiacted by the
> Supreme court if it goes that far but if we load up
> the docketts that should tell people something also
> if
> they keep rejecting these cases for hearings and
> trails that should tell people something to we could
> put together stats on that sorry about the flipant
> writing style I'm just tired and and trying to get
> as
> much done as possible.I really appreciate your time
> and assitance and we will be back in control of our
> country with some hard fighting hopefully in the
> courtroom media and internet and not with guns but
> liberty must be preserved at any cost although it
> appears even Patrick Henry decided to cash in on his
> political status in a land grabbing scam how
> unfortunate.
> --- judson witham wrote:
> >
> >
> > Old Judson is traceable to Peter and Thomas
> Witham.
> > Judson's ancestry is full of NOBLE dna and some
> > so noble. I too know the knowledge of the
> > and TACTICS of SLAVERY. I am absolutely in
> > agreement with your observations of BUSH/CLINTON
> and
> > COMPANY and their CONTROL of USA Inc. . I even
> have
> > been told the Clintons and Bushs are RELATED ??
> > Please keep my name and files SAFE - Judson Witham
> > is ONE of the Real McCoys even amongst the last
> >
> >
> >
> > I mean HOW DARE YOU criticize these guys I MEAN
> >
> > Semper Fi
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Judson Witham KNOWS
> >
> >
> >
> > Knights Hospitalers, Ancient History, Late Roman
> > And Byzantine
> >
> >
> > Related Category: Ancient History, Late Roman And
> > Byzantine
> >
> >
> >
> > Knights Hospitalers, members of the military and
> > religious Order of the Hospital of St. John of
> > Jerusalem, sometimes called the Knights of St.
> John
> > and the Knights of Jerusalem. The symbol of the
> > Order of St. John came to be a white cross worn on
> a
> > black robe; thus the Hospitalers were the Knights
> of
> > the White Cross, in contradistinction to the
> Knights
> > Templars, the Knights of the Red Cross. The
> Maltese
> > cross has been used by various secret
> organizations,
> > which have been falsely alleged to have a
> connection
> > with the Knights of St. John.
> >
> >
> >
> > Sections in this article:
> > Introduction
> > The Knights in the Holy Land and on Cyprus
> > On the Island of Rhodes
> > The Knights of Malta
> > Bibliography
> >
> >
> >
> > The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia Copyright ©
> > 2003, Columbia University Press.
> > Licensed from Columbia University Press. All
> rights
> > reserved.
> >
> >
> >
> > greg collins wrote:
> > Hello sorry about the delay in response i just got
> a
> > used computer with xp but a bunch of trojans and
> > worms
> > very frustrated trying to get it to work.I agree
> > with
> > all this Federal and FBI action its just a front
> the
> >
> > OCC the FEd the IRS they all work together there
> is
> > some independence but mostly just turf wars.The
> real
> > moner trail is in laundering and Bush and Co. have
> > been involved in that since before WW1 with Samual
> > Bush and Herbert Walker supliing arms and running
> > the
> > war dept not unlike the present Bush starting wars
> > to
> > sieze oil and other reasons while running an oil
> > company that Prescott Bush had his assets taken
> for
> > trading with the enemy in 1942 I don't know why we
> > expected any different from his sons.Well its late
> > and
> > again I'm sorry about not getting back sooner I'm
> > really looking foward to knocking this humpty
> dumpty
> > off his perch unless he's willing to spill the
> > beans.Best wishes I don't know how far you have
> > followed to money trail but this goes back to the
> > begging of our country with the Yazoo land deal
> set
> > up
> > by Patrick Henry and spiked over the net by
> > unjustice
> > John Marshall in 1810.Talk to you soon,oh yea
> Sheas
> > rebellion too.
> >
> > --- judson witham wrote:
> >
> > > The Treasury, Postal Inspectors, FBI and State
> > > Attorney Generals in ALL 50 States THIS SUMMER
> are
> > > running a big TITLE INSURANCE sting (Well COVER
> > UP)
> > > The fact is The Great Texas Bank Job is the
> > > and the Home Mortgage, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae
> > > MAFIAS along with HUD, VA and FDIC have been
> > > for BILLIONS.
> > >
> > > It's NO JOKE
> > >
> > > Son Of Swamp Fox
> > >
> > > Judson Witham
> > > OperationMissouriFreedom "it's no Joke"
> > >
> > >
> >
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