No insider info? GIVE ME A BREAK! 1. if his stock was in a BLIND trust, he would not know what he had in what or what to sell and when, without INSIDE INFO.

Why do you think they call it a "BLIND TRUST"?

Martha Stewart Says - RICO Baby 18 USC 1001 get them LYING "Turds"  Blossoms

Move over Martha, here is a guy REALLY involved in insider trading.

=JD= repug daffynitions are so backwards

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Monday he had no insider information when he sold stock this summer in HCA Inc., the hospital company founded by his father and brother.

HUD - FHA - FmHA - VA - S&Ls - Banks - Wall Street - DeLay, Blunt, Abramoff, Clintons and On and On and On


Ohhhhh $hit  "They Figured Out The Money Machine"  


What Ever You Do

Do Not Mention The Mi$$ing Billion$ in IRAQ

Jack Abramoff, right, listens to attorney Abbe Lowell on Capitol Hill last year.tom_delay.jpg

Repeat After Me  "I $WEAR - we did not have $exual Relation$ with Fannie Mae Freddie Mac or those $&Ls and BANK$"

GREG we all need to WORK very hard to eradicate the Lootings as they are STEALING our Nation, polluting the World with STOLEN MONEY.  Please everyone DIG very hard and help expose the Clinton,Bush,DeLay RNC and DNC and God knows the INTERNATIONAL Money MAFIAS Raping our Country.
greg collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
These gse's Fannie, Freddie,Sallie buy all sorts of bad loans and
are part of the money laundering several recent shakeup's and investigations but they haven't really been cleaned up.I'l get back to you on this.Btw perhaps its legal but what business do they have being
government sponsered and spending taxpayer dollars to put politicians in office and promote themselves to the government ,why do we need these GSE's anyhow? Supposedly to help get people into homes but these government based programs almost never work out even if by some miracle they are really designed for our benefit someone usually gets their hands into the cookie jar.You may want to contact mr. Nye Lavalle at [EMAIL PROTECTED] he keeps up on the GSE"s and posts much info on them and is opposed to them or at least the way they currently operate. We need to kick these guys out wholesale a whole new Congress and
Senate with none of the old blood .
I am working with a researcher PLEASE ALL Help on this research !!!!! 
Dear Judson,

Can you find out if any of the following entities have been involved in real estate fraud that you are aware of.

Iksir Holding, SA (Italy), Asat Trust (Liechtenstein), Iksir Ltd. (Bahamas), Gulf Center (Italy), NASCO (Turkey), Nasreddin International Group (Liechtenstein), Akida Bank (Bahamas), MIGA (Switzerland), and Nasreddin Foundation (Liechtenstein). According to intelligence sources in the United States and Europe, the Al Taqwa network intersected with tranches in Geneva and the Isle of Man that involve front companies associated with George H. W. Bush and Enron: Topaz Liberty, Bluelake World, and Potomac Capital.


Name Witheld - Protected For Cause - JW

judson witham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Thanks Greg THE IRON IS HOT PLEASE PUSH REALLY HARD the Texas/Arkansas  Money Mafias reach NATIONWIDE.  The DeLay probe is peanuts

Ronald Earle, District Attorney

Phone: (512) 854-9400
Fax: (512) 854-9695
509 W.11th St
Austin, TX 78701

ROY BLUNT IS A FRIGGIN CON MAN and an ACCESSORY in FACT to the massive looting of US Banks and S&Ls.  His Office in Springfield is a PILE of LYING TRASH.
Judson Witham
Oh yes PLEASE click on the link  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Wait Hold THE PHONE 



This CRAP has been used to STEAL THE LOOT just like Clinton's Mess in Arkansas



Judson Witham




DeLay, Blunt, Abramoff Are Becoming Anchors For The House GOP

GOP Culture of Corruption

News for the scandal-plagued GOP House leadership keeps getting worse and worse--and there's more to come.  Yesterday, a Texas grand jury indicted TRMPAC, a PAC founded by Majority Leader Tom DeLay to manipulate the redisctricting process in Texas. 

According to the AP:

A Texas grand jury has indicted a political organization formed by Tom DeLay, accusing it of taking illegal corporate money as the House majority leader helped Republicans win control of the Texas Legislature and keep Congress in GOP hands.

Last fall, the grand jury indicted three close associates of the DeLay-Blunt leadership team.  One of those men, Jim Ellis, was indicted for money laundering.  Ellis, who ran ARMPAC, DeLay's federal political arm, once ran a political laundromat for Roy Blunt called the ROYB Fund.

In 1999 and 2000, when Ellis ran both DeLay's ARMPAC and Blunt's ROYB Fund, ARMPAC made contributions to Blunt's committee totalling $150,000.  In return, Blunt made a series of payments to the Alexander Strategy Group (ASG), a firm controlled by former DeLay staffers, that also happened to employ DeLay's wife at the time.  Over the course of a two-year period, Blunt's payments to ASG totalled $150,000.  For a detailed schedule of the payments, click here.

In the same quarter in 2000 that Blunt received a contribution from DeLay for $100,000, Blunt made a contribution to the mysterious DeLay Foundation for $10,000.   Blunt's PAC also paid rent to the U.S. Family Network, yet another DeLay controlled entity. 

In fact, ties were so close between the Blunt and DeLay operations, that ARMPAC, ROYB, Alexander Strategy Group--run by former DeLay staffer Ed Buckham, and the U.S. Family Network once all shared the same office space at 132 D St., SE in a DC townhouse owned by Robert Mills, a former DeLay campaign manager.--who ran the U.S. Family Network.  They were forced to disperse when DC zoning officials noted that Mills had reported that only 15% of his home would be used for business purposes.  (Roll Call, DeLay PAC, Consulting Firm Move Out of House, April 13, 2000)

Also during Ellis' tenure with ROYB, Blunt accepted a series of contributions from clients of embattled uber-lobbyist and DeLay crony, Jack Abramoff.  Blunt accepted contributions from Concorde Garment Manufacturing, a company that ran sweatshops on the Marianas Islands.  In March of 2000, 8 major U.S. retailers settled a class action lawsuit for $6.5 million for working conditions in Marianas Island manufacturing facilities, including those of Concorde Manufacturing.  Abramoff lobbied on behalf of various Marianas Island interests. (New York Times, 8 Retailers Settle Suit, March 29, 2000)

Blunt also accepted a contribution from Juan C. Franco.  Franco was a prominent Puerto Rican businessman whose key goal was Puerto Rican statehood.  Franco was also represented by Abramoff.  According to a May 7, 2005 National Journal article headlined, Getting in Good With Tom and Christine, Abramoff, Franco, and interests aligned with the Marianas Islands, were also frequent golfers at DeLay's charitable events.

Blunt's ties to Abramoff also apparently rose to the level of personal friendship.  Blunt was included on a freebie list at Abramoff's DC restaraunt as a "friend of owner."

Many of these ties remain unexamined by the mainstream press, but as the investigations and legal proceedings against DeLay and Abramoff continue, you can expect more and more sleaze to come to light, which will only deepen the ethical and political hole that DeLay and Blunt are digging for their party.

Note:  Many of the articles referenced in this post are from 1999 and 2000 and are not online.  Two of the more obscure ROYB campaign finance reports can be found here and here.

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from Fired Up! Missouri on Mon, 09/26/2005 - 11:36am

As reported yesterday here are Fired Up Missouri, Roy Blunt (R-K Street) has been named one of the 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress.


It's about time............
Now for the federals to step in with the Abranoff connection.
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Subject: [USA] DeLay - I swear we had NO SEX with Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac NO S&L or Banks

I swear we had NO SEX with Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac, we had NO sexual relations with those Banks and S&Ls
Tommy N Company

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