The Tentacles & Roots of the DeLay MONEY MACHINE goes way, way BACK !!!  Harris & Montgomery County are FILTHY CORRUPT TO THE CORE
When Ollie North, Secord and Poindexter, Bush Sr. and Cheney N Comapnay ETC. ran the Money Laundery Op for the Missle Sale to the Iranians and the Money to the Contras, the FIRST Gala Fund Raising event was at the Galleria Hotel on Westheimer a couple blocks South of the Houstonian.  ONE of the leading CROOKED Banks Western Bank Houston was RIGHT NEXT DOOR.  The Land Deal I was lured into in Montgomery County at PINEWOOD VILLAGE Section One was used MANY TIMES to CHURN Loans through Western's COMMERCIAL LOAN DEPARTMENT.  My Family has a fairly extensive background in Land Development Matters as Dad develped the Marina shown below on Lake George NY.  (Site of the Weekends Tragedy involving the Tour Boat on Lake George NY)
Robert Corson and Company was associated with WESTERN BANK and BIG TIME.
The Houston Post's writings of Gerrald Egger and Pete Brewton were acomplished from my information to a GREAT DEGREE.  The MAFIA associations of Secord, North and Poindexter in TEXAS are FAMOUS.  Ronnie Earl's digging on DeLay will have to deal with the BIGGER PICTURE and using RICO go back to the 1980s when DeLay was first INSTALLED by the Bush Regime in Harris County !!!!
harris bay yacht club full view - this may take some time to load.
When I realised we had been had by the developer I went to the Bank, the Title Company and the County Authorities.  I WAS ATTACKED AT EVERY TURN by these CROOKED BASTARDS as I later PROVED IN FEDERAL COURT there are over 635 Illegal Subdivisions JUST LIKE Whitewater and Pinewood Village JUST in Montgomery County.  In the wake of the FRAUD I witnessed and was being subjected to I DUG very hard and DUG More and More and More beginning in 1981 JUST FOR THE RECORD, and what I found was MASSIVE and State Wide Land Cons just like the Clinton's BOGUS Speculation on the White River near Flippin and Yelleville Arkansas.  Ozarks Realty and the Wades used Quapaw Title and Issuing Agent for AMERICAN TITLE the very same Crooks behind Hundreds Of Illegal Cons in Montgomery County, Texas and DeLay's Harris County.  Having a very good understanding of Land Conveyance Law, Title Abstracts and ROWs and the Conveyance Requirements from private interests to STATE or Government Interests led me to a very close examination of the Land Recording, TAXATION and Platting Records of 635 Illegal Projects ORDERED RELEASED by the US District Court at 515 Rusk - Judge James DeAnda in 1987.  The very bottom line is this, ROW and TAX ASSESSMENT ROLLS, Platting and Recording Laws and the USE of the US MAILS associated with these LAND/Bank Looting Cons is EXTENSIVE in Texas and all around DALLAS and HOUSTON.  There have been BILLIONS looted Clinton, MacDougal Style using these Land Cons.  Don Bolles discover the same garbage in the Tombstone area or Cochise County Arizona.  Don Bolles was MURDERED to shut him up.
The Land Registration Act of 1931 and HB 473 or former Penal Code 1137h and Artcile 6626 a-c of the Texas LAND DEVELOPMENT LAWS sprung from the massive Land Con Lootings of S&Ls and Banks during the 1920s.  The Money in great amounts was used JUST LIKE Arkansas Attorney General Clinton used to get the the Governors Mansion and then the Whitehouse.  Funnling Campaign Contributions is an RNC and DNC Art Form.  DeLay's recent indictment is only the TIP of the ICEBURG.  Dallas was # 1 and Houston # 2 for Bank and S&L Lootings, BUSH KNOWS THIS - In FACT our President has been quoted in the Dallas Morning News describing this VERY SAME STORY, claiming 1,000,000 One Million Texas families got the shake down.  Just picture the Money Machines of Whitewater and Castle Grande, travel a little WEST down I-30 from Little Rock and understand that 56% of the entire National S&L and Banking Meltdown happened in DALLAS & HOUSTON.
DeLAY's claims of Democratic Conspiracies begin in CONROE and Houston Texas !!!
I am 49 years old and spent a LIFE TIME in Land Development and Commercial Construction, Platting and Permit Compliance.  I certainly knew enough about FEDERAL LAW and COURT Procedures to get Senior Federal  District Judge DeAnda to order the release of the Records associated with 635 Illegal Projects just INORTH OF and IN DeLay's DISTRCT.  The reason you have heard so little about this is CAMPAIGN CONTRUBUTIONS to folks LIKE DeLay and Bush from these CONS bought lots of SILENCE and LOYALTY.
Judson Witham

Robert Millegan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hammer to the Slammer -- Cruisegate: Curtains for the GOPMOB

September 30, 2005-Venice, FL.
by Daniel Hopsicker

The investigation into the 4-year old murder of Sun Cruz Casino boat
founder Konstantinos ‘Gus’ Boulis in Fort Lauderdale has begun t

o reveal hidden connections between Republican lobbyist Jack
Abramoff’s gargantuan fund-raising machine, essential to victory in
the past two Presidential elections, and a cast of underworld
characters not previously thought of as exemplifying what have come
to be known as “Republican family values.”
The indictment of three men Tuesday in the Boulis "hit" exposes an
unholy alliance in Florida between the national Republican party and
the Mob, details of which were first reported in the
MadCowMorningNews three months ago (“The Secret World of Jack
Abramoff: Terrorists, Torpedoes and Republican ‘Muscle’”).

More indictments are expected soon.

The trail of suspicion leads directly to Abramoff’s doorstep: the
three names already released clearly implicate Adam Kidan, the Casino
line’s erstwhile President, in the crime, who wrote checks—duh-
uh!—for over $250,000 to one of the indicted men, Gambino goombah
Anthony “Big Tony”' Moscatiello, 67, of Howard Beach, N.Y, for no
easily discernible reason.

Bush's Biggest Backer: Chief "Stands with Pair"

Although lawyers for Abramoff and Kidan, who face trial Jan. 9 on
fraud charges, have repeatedly said neither man knows anything about
Boulis' murder, since Kidan was hand-picked by Abramoff to run the
unregulated collection of a dozen ships operating off the coast of
Florida, Abramoff may even now be wondering who it might be safe to
“roll on” if and when he’s indicted for murder.

Abramoff, of course, is best known as the target of a federal
investigation in Washington into the tens of millions in fees he
collected from casino-owning Indian tribes. But the wreckage from his
brief and tumultuous time as owner of the gambling fleet threatens to
overtake his Washington legal troubles.

The breathtaking scope of “Cruisegate” could make it the biggest
American political scandal since Iran Contra. Should its tawdry
details fully come to light, it might eclipse even the Watergate

Already, the dramatis personae includes a familiar name from previous
scandals: Barry Seal, called “the ghost haunting the Whitewater
investigation” by the Wall Street Journal, who was himself murdered
on orders, according to his own lawyer's testimony, of then-Vice
President George Bush.

continued below

GOP, Osama agree: Heroin is King

20 years ago Seal helped set in motion, as we’ll see shortly, the
chain of events leading inexorably towards today's scandal, which
we're dubbing "Cruisegate," illustrating the ongoing and even
generational nature of what sociologists call “state-sponsored

Newsday reported on July 15, 2001, over four years ago: “As the
Florida detectives follow path after path, the investigation seems
always to lead back to three men: a former Long Island bagel store
owner whose mother was killed by gangsters but who strongly denies
any involvement, a Howard Beach caterer reputed to have organized
crime ties and a New Jersey guy who likes to brag he's mob boss John
Gotti's nephew.”

So one big question is: why didn't the indictments come down sooner?

In any event two of the three men referenced have now been indicted,
leaving only bagel boy Adam Kidan remaining so far uncharged in the
crime. Here's a little back-story on the case...

Jack Abramoff led a group of three men who formed an ownership group
that apparently made Boulis the proverbial offer he couldn’t refuse.

They bought Sun Cruz from him, even though it wasn't for sale.

One time-honored way to get rich is to marry money. Another is to
kill someone that has it. In this case it appears that Gus Boulis,
owner of the lion’s share of the casino boats in Florida, had to die

The professional ‘hit’ on Boulis figured prominently in lobbyist
Jack Abramoff’s rise to power to become the GOP’s chief money man.

Adding insult to injury, after wresting control, SunCruz's new owners
refused to pay Boulis.

Then, adding injury to insult, several months after being
unceremoniously muscled out, Boulis, a 51-year-old Greek immigrant
who had founded both Sun Cruz and the popular Miami Subs chain, was
shot to death at the wheel of his BMW sedan on Feb. 6, 2001, after
leaving his office.

"Everyone needs a few unregulated sources of income."

Boulis was driving his BMW down a quiet side street after an evening
meeting at his Fort Lauderdale office when a car slowed to a stop in
front of him. A second car boxed the BMW in from behind. Then a dark
Mustang appeared from the opposite direction, and as the Mustang
pulled alongside its driver pumped three hollow-point bullets into
Boulis’ chest.

Florida casino gambling insider Robb Tiller, one of the fathers of
the Indian gambling industry (today another pillar of Abramoff’s
empire) pointedly referred us to the manner of the Boulis hit,
stating, “Boulis was murdered in the exact same way as Don Aronow,
Bush’s other partner.”

Bush’s other partner? We didn't even have to ask it. The question
hung in the air.

“Something is really going down bad here,” Tiller continued.
“Don Aronow. Gus. Jim Shore… All tied in to Bush.”

(Jim Shore was a top executive of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the
state’s preeminent casino operators.)

In our earlier story we asserted the belief that as the scandal
embroiling House Major Domo Tom Delay and Republican lobbyist Jack
Abramoff grows hotter, it will yield new revelations about the 9.11

What does a scandal involving Indian casinos, gambling boat “cruises
to nowhere” in Florida & pay-for-play government officials have to
do with the story of 19 hijackers planning a mass murder in supposed

Hint: Atta wasn't playing blackjack.

One clue: Ringleader Mohamed Atta made a still-unexplained visit
onboard one of Abramoff’s casino boats less than a week before the

A bigger clue: the man who owned the flight school favored by Atta
and so many other terrorists had his Lear jet surrounded by DEA
agents brandishing submachine guns on the runway of Orlando Executive
Airport in July of 2000, the same month Atta began "training" at his
flight school. They found 43 pounds of heroin onboard. For flight
school owner Wally Hilliard, it was a 'blemish,' though not as yet
one for which he has been asked to go to prison.

Several of the principals in the Boulis hit also have heroin
trafficking backgrounds. What a surprise. Most of the world's heroin
comes from Afghanistan, which used to known as OsamaLand.

So we believe our Abramoff/9.11 prediction will prove accurate. We
suspect this may be one reason we don't get asked to appear on
Hardball (or almost anywhere else.) We groused once about this
"invisible" status once to a lifetime member of our nation's
clandestine forces.

"Look at it this way," he responded with equanimity. "At least they
let you live."

Its a better deal than poor Gus Boulis got.

"Look at it this way..."

We learned of Barry Seal’s peripheral involvement in the story while
perusing the records of the three men indicted so far. Amazingly,
Seal, a long-time CIA pilot who government prosecutors said was at
one time the biggest drug smuggler in American history, was
indirectly responsible for the 1983 federal prosecution for heroin
smuggling of "Big Tony," one of the three men so far indicted in
Boulis’ death.

While the details are admittedly tangential to the Boulis
assassination, they are useful in illustrating the “secret
history” of the rise to power of “connected” individuals
friendly to the current Bush Administration.

"Meat-based life forms dominate the planet."

Anthony “Big Tony” Moscatiello was one of eight Gambino
associates, including Gene Gotti, brother of John Gotti, then head of
the Gambino family, who federal prosecutors charged with operating
“a massive narcotics importation and distribution ring” that
brought heroin from Southeast Asia to Florida and New York.

At his trial the major witness against him was Alfred Dellentash Jr.,
a pilot who flew marijuana from 1980 to 1981 for Gambino captain
Salvatore Ruggiero. Salvatore died young, in a suspicious Lear jet
'accident' off the coast of Savannah, GA. in 1982 which the NTSB
found puzzlingly inexplicable.

Upon his demise, his brother, Angelo Ruggiero, a close associate of
John Gotti, took over the operation. His sponsor dead, according to
court documents Dellentash then agreed to cooperate with
authorities... but only after he himself had been arrested on drug
trafficking charges.

He'd gone to Barry Seal's hometown of Baton Rouge, La early in 1983
to purchase 55 kilograms of cocaine, not knowing that Seal himself at
that time was "rolling" on various and sundry individuals to wriggle
out of the major drug bust in Miami he'd been caught in.

Both Seal and Dellentash were engaged in what is known in law
enforcement circles as “working off a beef,” which is like a game
of musical chairs where the man left standing when the music stops
(in this case "Big Tony") does some hard time.

"A dunsky, sure... but not no fucking dunsky."

Working off a beef would have been right up the busy Dellentash's
alley: When not flying narcotics, he was managing Meat Loaf's show
business career. In fact, after a falling out, as happens in show
biz, he ended up owning Meat's-- Mr. Loaf's--Connecticut mansion,
Meatloaf Manor.

(Its' all true, except for the "MeatLoaf Manor" part. We don't know
what he called it, but "home" seems a little plain for an $8.1
million spread.)

The men ''reported directly to a man by name of John Gotti, who was a
lieutenant or a capo in this family,” said the prosecutor, Robert P.

While the drug operation was being conducted, the Gambino family was
headed by Paul Castellano, who was opposed to drug dealings. ‘This
family had a prohibition,'' LaRusso told the court. “'The ultimate
sanction of death would be upon their members' heads if they dealt in

Like the “problem” of Gus Boulis, this was a problem easily
remedied, and Castellano was shortly thereafter “sleeping with the

Interestingly, also arrested in the heroin trafficking case was a man
named Oscar Ansourian, who was also charged with hiding a cache of
weapons in the basement at his Howard Beach home which included U.S.
Army-issued rockets and launchers.

“General, meet Guido. Guido, meet Osama.”

“Big Tony” Moscatiello has one other colorful distinction worth

In taped conversations introduced at John Gotti’s various trials
which revealed Gotti's ruthless control over his crew, Gotti was
memorably heard screaming death threats at an underling for

“Big Tony” was that unfortunate underling.

Gotti: ''Listen, I called your (expletive deleted) house five times
yesterday; now if your wife thinks you are a (expletive deleted)
dunsky or if she's a (expletive deleted) dunsky and you're gonna
disregard my (expletive deleted) phone calls, I'll blow you and that
(expletive deleted) house up.''

Gotti: ''And you get your (expletive deleted) ass down here and see
me tomorrow.''

Moscatiello: ''I'm gonna be there all day tomorrow.''

"The Juice Is Loose... and he's got experience, too."

Clearly, being called a “f-cking dunsky” had had a salubrious
effect on Moscatiello, who appears to have vowed to “straighten up
and fly right.”

“Big Tony,” is not to be confused with another of the men arrested
on murder solicitation and conspiracy charges in the case, Anthony
“Little Tony” Ferrari, 48, of Miami Beach.

While there has as yet been no word on whether the third man
indicted, 28-year-old James “Pudgy” Fiorillo, is “Big Pudgy”
or “Little Pudgy,” we feel confident Court TV will have the answer
when the case comes to trial.

As if the case were not already redolent with unsavory associations,
there is a fourth man referenced in the indictment named Dwayne
Nicholson. Nicholson is a bouncer at The Living Room, a Miami Beach
night club, which just happens to be a favorite haunt of the world's
most famous double murderer: Miami resident O. J. Simpson.

The big question here is: What are Christian politicians doing with
people who think changing a company's management is a matter of--not
putting up a new slate of directors--but calling in "Big Tony?"

Answer: They're flying around on the company's Lear jet (if its not
engaged in more 'important' pursuits) to the Super Bowl and the U.S.
Open in Pebble Beach.

The Lord, it seems, helps those who help themselves.

"Threats of law suits against journalists have become the hallmark
of the Bush administration in their not-too-clever tactic to silence
the independent media in the United States." --Wayne Madsen

Censorship by lawsuit happens if we can't stay current with our ever-
growing legal bills. And probably we will always be being
least if we're doing it right. Please help us continue by making a
donation directly into our defense fund.

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