I have to disagree.  Abramoff is much more than a sniffle.  The reason for any attempts at covering up the scandal is that it could disclose how the entire political structure of American government has operated for decades.  The Abramoff machine has been so blatant in following a long-hidden model of financial operations that closer scrutiny can reveal and end the procedure, if prosecutors and legislators are really forced to follow up on what they find.

For example, Abramoff was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but moved to Beverly Hills CA, in 1968-69.  His father worked for Alfred S. Bloomingdale--Diners' Club--the first card designed to launder mob money into an alternative banking system.  This was the money skimmed from Las Vegas casinos, poured into Paradise Island, and later Atlantic City--where Jack's uncle still lived and engaged in real estate development and sales in partnership with Abramoff's father. 

Bloomingdale owned Ronald Reagan, and it was through that connection that Jack got his job with the College Republicans and started his owning consulting business. It was also through his dad's Hollywood connections that he and his brother were able to produce his flop 1989 propaganda movie, "Red Scorpion." 

So we don't need to look around Abramoff, but behind him.  Abramoff and what he represents are much bigger than Bush himself.  Bush is the sniffle.  Abramoff is the money that looks to make more money.  Bush is the front.  Abramoff tells us who he is fronting for.


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