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End to End Evil:

The Real Jack Abramoff Story

By Cheryl Seal

Before the White House, its creepy pals in Congress, and its sell-out
cohorts in the media succeed in spinning the Abramoff scandal as a
"bipartisan" problem, a few irrefutable facts about Abramoff must
driven home. Like so many sleazebags in high places, Abramoff has so
far escaped the full public consequences of his despicable actions
through a slick little system of “trickle, spin, and deny.” Trickle,
as in the media’s focus on a few select aspects of the criminal’s
“career.” Spin and deny, as in the media allowing said criminal and
his supporters to self-righteously spin off or tearfully deny these
minimized charges. This system worked for Tom Delay for years! It is
only when the evil deeds are laid out end to end that the real
picture is allowed to come into focus for the public and hit home
with the force it should.

Putting together the whole picture is much more difficult than it
should be, however. The mainstream media and its “subdomains” – the
blowhard rightwing talkshow hosts like Chris Matthews and Brit Hume
and phony “foundations” like the American Enterprise Institute and
Heritage Foundation – are dedicated to making sure that their “golden
boys” are screened from scrutiny and their lies promoted. Thus the
coverage of NeoCon criminals is inevitably heavy on the White House
propaganda and light on the chronology of facts. I had to search
through several sources that included both political blogs and
newspapers that still believe in real reporting (Miami Herald, Texas
Observer, etc.) to put together the basic facets of the Abramoff case
in one place so that they could be laid end to end. And even still, I
sense there are still holes in the chronology large enough to drive
Reggie the Rig (the GOP’s mascot 18-wheeler) through.

But here’s a crash course – “Abramoff 101,” if you will.

Looking at the assembled "pieces," the Abramoff scandal can be
divided into five main categories, each being an aspect of this
multifaceted and truly evil slimebag. Here they are:

1. Abramoff the traitor. As the generic definition of treason is "an
effort to undermine a nation's government," then we can safely assign
to Jack Abramoff (forthwith JA) his premier title: TRAITOR. Since the
early 1980s, JA's primary agenda has been to turn the US government
into a one-party system - ie., a rightwing dictatorship. In short,
JA has sought to overturn the US government as we know it in order to
insure the financial goals of himself and other NeoCons. Here's an
Abramoff quote from the 1983 College Republican "manifesto": “It is
not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left. Our job is to
remove them from power permanently”:

While head of the College Republicans (1981-1985), JA turned this
organization into a sort of neo-brown shirt outfit, cranking out mean-
spirited, unscrupulous powermongers like Karl Rove. The organization
was not just mean-spirited, it was corrupt. Years after leaving the
position as top dog, Abramoff was raking in kick backs from the CR.
In 2002, he received about $10,000 for what was "officially"
described as "accounting and legal services." The group laundered
hundreds of thousands of dollars to itself through other
organizations. The Seattle Times reported "Some of the most prolific
donors said they were unaware they had been giving so much money to
the group because the fund-raising letters often came under the names
of other official-sounding organizations, such as "Republican
Headquarters 2004," and led some to believe the money was going to
Bush's re-election campaign." Instead, most of the funds went back to
a money-laundering outfit called Response Dynamics Inc. (RDI).

The goal of all of these intrigues, of course, was to fuel the
takeover of the US government at all levels, from the White House to
the House of Representatives with rightwing Republicans. There was no
"ideology" involved, except as a surface "hook" to reel in the
clueless. The only objective was POWER, plain and simple. The issues
tossed about by the "new GOP" - issues like "family values,"
"democracy," and "fiscal responsibility" - were simply phony
"promos." lThey were thrown out like bait, just like the plasma TVs
or stereo systems offered to lure the gullible to signing onto a rip-
off timeshare scheme.

Those who say that Abramoff was an "equal opportunity, bipartisan"
crook with no such agenda are just as dishonest and intentionally
misleading as JA himself. JA has had a partisan agenda from day one.
Media Matters reports that "a search of the Center for Responsive
Politics database of campaign contributions did not find any
contributions from Abramoff to Democrats or Democratic leadership
political action committees." Abramoff may have peddled his
influence to a few corrupt blue-dog Democrats, but he had no
intention of furthering the Democratic party in any way, shape or form.

2 Abramoff the White Supremacist:

JA was one of the driving forces in shoving the GOP further to the
right, and in a direction that can only be described as a "neo-
confederate" mind set. In the 1980s, Abramoff had close relationships
with South Africa's aparthied government, even taking funding for an
anti-Communist movie project from the fascist South African army. In
addition, Abramoff treated native Americans with cold contempt -
ripping them off as cynically as any "Indian hater" of the 19th
century. Not only did Abramoff steal tens of millions from six
different tribes while he purported to be helping them lobby for
casinos, he actually took money from one Texas tribe as a pro-casino
lobbyist while sucking up millions more from another tribe in LA that
was lobbying against the TX tribe's efforts. Seems like the only
thing JA DIDN'T try was install smallpox-infected slots (as a 21st
century version of blankets) on reservations.

In addition, Abramoff ran sweatshops in the Marianas Islands, in
which native workers were outrageously exploited. Activist writer
Geoff Parrish described this nightmare: "Conditions in the Marianas'
sweatshops are horrific. Women are lured from China, Thailand, the
Philippines, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries--often with the
promise of living and working in the United States. Once they reached
Saipan, the main island in the Northern Marianas chain, workers found
themselves toiling eight hours a day for $3 an hour, then being
forced to "donate" an additional four hours each day (reducing the
gross pay to $2 an hour). In off hours the workers were not allowed
to leave a crowded housing compound patrolled by armed guards. The
Women were forced to live 20 per room, eat poor-quality food, and
were charged by the company for housing and food through further
reductions in their pay. Women were not allowed to date or marry, and
pregnant women were forced to have abortions. Those who broke the
rules were beaten."

Guess who insured that Abramoff's slave labor camps would be exempt
from any regulation? G.W. Bush . Oh, yes – his aid bought and paid
for by Abramoff. Of course, Bush is allowing the same slave labor
system to prevail in Iraq and Afghanistan now, too.

3. "Casino Jack" the Mob Crime Boss: Abramoff was able to buy the
SunCruz casino fleet in 2000 through fraudulent means. The Miami
Herald reported how JA paid GOP Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio (you know - the
state that fixed the 2004 presidential election) to smear the
original owner in high places: " Ney placed critical remarks of
former SunCruz owner Konstantinos ''Gus'' Boulis in the Congressional
Record in 2000. He called Boulis a ''bad apple'' and praised
[Abramoff right-hand man] Kidan as a businessman with a ``renowned
reputation for honesty and integrity.'' " The Herald continues,
"After the SunCruz sale, according to law-enforcement sources,
Abramoff and Kidan approved contributing $10,000 in SunCruz money --
on behalf of Ney -- to a national campaign fund to help elect
Republicans to Congress. Prosecutors in Washington and South Florida
believe that the partners donated the SunCruz money in Ney's name as
an illegal payback for his critical comments of Boulis." Once
Abramoff had control of the SunCruz fleet, he proceeded to defraud
the company of tens of millions of dollars in money-laundering and
wire-fraud schemes.

There is direct - but currently totally covered-up - evidence
linking "Casino Jack" to the murder Boulis in 2001. Boulis was
killed by Mafia hit man 'Big Tony' Moscatiello and two other
mobsters, Anthony Ferrari and James Fiorillo. Moscatiello, his
daughter, and Ferrari, cashed, between them, $240,000 in payments
from Abramoff's Casino, paid out for no discernible reason. Of
course, only a few bloggers like Mad Cow have put all these nasty
facts end to end in their real succession.

4. Abramoff as White House Puppeteer:

Records from JA's own firm reveal that JA began working on
cultivating his power base with Bush as early as 1997. JA and his
assorted "interests" directly paid out tens of thousands to Bush and
the GOP in campaign contributions. As a Bush "Pioneer," JA personally
raised $100,000 for Bush's 2000 campaign. USA Today reports, "In
President Bush's first 10 months, GOP fundraiser Jack Abramoff and
his lobbying team logged nearly 200 contacts with the new
administration as they pressed for friendly hires at federal agencies
and sought to keep the Northern Mariana Islands exempt from the
minimum wage and other laws....The meetings between Abramoff's
lobbying team and the administration ranged from Attorney General
John Ashcroft to policy advisers in Vice President Dick Cheney's
office, according to his lobbying firm billing records."

Oh, but it gets worse.

JA planted his own "eyes and ears" in the White House. In 2001, Sue
Bonzon Ralston became Special Assistant to the President & Assistant
to the Senior Advisor Karl Rove. According to Ralston's bio, "Ms.
Ralston assists Mr. Rove in overseeing the strategic planning,
political affairs, public liaison, and intergovernmental affairs
efforts of the White House." What makes Ralston particularly
despicable is that although she herself is a Philippine American, she
has assisted JA in insuring that conditions for workers in the
Marianas Islands, many of them Philipinne women, remain abysmal and
exploitive. But Ralston is swimming in White House crap up to her
eyebrows. The New York Times reports, "It was Ms. Ralston who patched
through a phone call from Matt Cooper, the reporter for Time
magazine, to Mr. Rove on the day in July 2003 that they discussed
Mrs. Wilson, then known by her maiden name, Valerie Plame. And Ms.
Ralston, while in Mr. Abramoff’s employ, drafted a memorandum about
his suites at local arenas, which he used to entertain clients and
public officials who have since gotten in trouble for accepting his

5. Abramoff as GOP Money Launderer: First and foremost, JA is the
GOP's chief money launderer and influence buyer. This should not be
"breaking news," as the networks this week are spinning the story. As
Lou Dubose of the "Texas Observer" points out, since the JA story
first broke, "the media has focused on the stunning $82 million
Abramoff and Scanlon billed six tribes for lobbying and public
relations work. Far less attention has been paid to the political
contributions, by Abramoff’s account $10 million, made by the six
tribes. That piece of the story involves the K Street Project, which
moves the money of corporate lobbyists and their clients into the
accounts of Republican candidates, PACs, and issue advocacy groups."
If to this you add the cumulative amount of GOP-driven legislation
"purchased" by lobbyists with money funneled through Abramoff and
power funneled through the White House, the net "benefit" to the GOP
is staggering.

So as you listen to the mainstream media's version of the Abramoff
tale in the coming days, you may find yourself stunned by just how
few questions - and answers - are forthcoming.=

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