See my 19th edition, the one that is all about oil. It's free on my Web site at 
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It will dispell any ideas that the US and former Soviet Union will war over oil.


Arlene Johnson

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>Sent: Aug 4, 2006 9:28 AM
>Subject: [cia-drugs] Palast Pops Peak Oil Fraud
>When Greg Palast began talking in his book, Armed Madhouse, about full
>page and two page Peak Oil scare ads, I thought of Mike Ruppert.
>Palast shows a Chevron Peak Oil scare ad, at least an ad in which
>Chevron openly takes credit for funding the ad in order to advertise
>where victims should send their protection money with the hope of
>Chevron being able to protect philanthropists from high energy prices
>in the future.
>It seems Hubbert did not say that oil would run out in 2006. He only
>said that cheap to extract oil was not being found fast enough to
>replace easy to extract oil being pumped.
>Hubbert pegged difficult to extract heavy oil such as tar sand as
>being sufficient in quantity to replace easy oil. He named
>Iraq("Mesopotamia") and Venezuela, not Canada or Russia I don't think,
>as heavy oil sources sufficient to offset easy oil extraction.
>Palast thinks that the reason Hubbert did not simply advise that heavy
>oil resources would offset easy oil extraction was that Hubbert was
>providing an out for Soviet Russia and the US to avoid fighting over
>mideast oil about now. Hubbert proposed that since US and USSR had
>plenty of uranium, they could convert their energy usage from oil to
>But according to Palast, Hubbert did say that heavy oil and gas
>reserves were sufficient for another hundred years or so. Did Mike
>Ruppert mention that in the fine print? People don't pay for fine
>print, so now that Palast's book has taken the fear out of Peak Oil,
>maybe Ruppert's subscriptions are drying up.
>Not that Palast is not predicting an economic deluge of biblical
>predictions, because he is. But Palast does not mention gold as a
>sanctuary of value.
>Instead of claiming the mantle of FDR as LaRouche does, Palast says
>that the New Deal was a watered down Wall Street and Democratic
>establishment co-optation of Huey Long's program, which meant that it
>was safe to shoot Huey Long and call the clone New Deal, New Frontier,
>and Great Society. But that doesn't mean we should not bemoan the loss
>of New Deal electrical utility regulation(repeal of Public Utility
>Act) and identify the assault on internet neutrality(neutrality
>meaning Verizon and Comcast must not restrict bandwidth for content
>such as IPTV not subscribed from them).
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