Yes, America does need to force Israel to end the occupation of Gaza and the 
West Bank. Toward that end, you can see the companies to boycott on my site at 
the icon that says Boycotts We Support and in the 10th and 18th editions' 
Demand for the Government page (it's at the end of those two editions if you're 
not familiar with my editions).

We can overcome prophecy (that's why it was written so people would learn it) 
if we put our minds to it. It's just a matter of learning the truth and making 
changes. The Illuminati don't care about the Jewish people. All they care about 
is money.


Arlene Johnson
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>Subject: [cia-drugs] List of messiah claimants. Wackos Gone Wild. Israeli 
>  Wackos Gone Wild! The Middle East today. Killing in the Name of God. 
>If Israel gave back the West Bank and Gaza much of the hatred 
>  would disappear in the Middle East. All the Armageddonists on all sides
>  wouldn't have any real issues to use to inflame the hatred. 
>  Life would go back to normal. Hell, the USA trades with Vietnam and 
>  Germany and Japan. Americans travel freely in those places.
>  It's all about the occupation. Don't be distracted by side issues.
>  The USA is at great risk due to its arming of Israel and its 
>  occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. The US needs to force
>  Israel to end the occupation. Sorry if this is offtopic in some lists.
>But this is an extremely dangerous time, and Americans need to 
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>  List of messiah claimants    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
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>  This is a list of people who have been said to be a messiah either by 
> themselves, or by their followers. The list is divided into categories, which 
> are sorted according to date of birth (where known).
>            Contents[hide]
>   1 Jewish messiah claimants   
>   2 Christian messiah claimants   
>   3 Muslim messiah claimants   
>   4 Other messiah claimants   
>   5 See also   
>   6 Bibliography   
>   7 References 
>     //   
>  [edit]
>  Jewish messiah claimants    
>     Main article: Jewish Messiah claimants
>  This list features people who are said, either by themselves or their 
> followers, to be the Jewish Messiah.
>   Judas of Galilee (Ezekias)(c. 4 BCE)   
>   Simon (c. 4 BCE)   
>   Athronges (c. 4-2? BCE)   
>   Jesus of Nazareth (c. 4 BCE�c. 30CE) (placed here because he was Jewish)  
>   Theudas (44-46) in the Roman province of Judea   
>   Menahem ben Judah partook in a revolt against Agrippa II in Judea   
>   Simon bar Kokhba (died c. 135), defeated in the Second Jewish-Roman War   
>   Moses of Crete (5th century)   
>   Isḥaḳ ben Ya'ḳub Obadiah Abu 'Isa al-Isfahani of Ispahan lived in 
> Persia during the reign of the Umayyad Caliph 'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan 
> (684-705).   
>   Yudghan, lived and taught in Persia in the early eighth century disciple of 
> Isḥaḳ ben Ya'ḳub Obadiah Abu 'Isa al-Isfahani of Ispahan   
>   Serene (Sherini, Sheria, Serenus, Zonoria, Sa�ra) (c. 720)   
>   David Alroy or Alrui (c. 1160)   
>   Abraham Abulafia (b. 1240)   
>   Nissim ben Abraham (c. 1295) active in vila.   
>   Moses Botarel of Cisneros (c. 1413)   
>   Asher Lemmlein (1502) a German near Venice.   
>   David Reuveni and Solomon Molko early sixteenth century.   
>   Sabbatai Zevi (alternative spellings: Shabbetai, Sabbetai; Tvi, Tzvi) 
> (1626-1676)   
>   Barukhia Russo (Osman Baba), succesor of Sabbatai Zevi.   
>   Miguel (Abraham) Cardoso (b. 1630)   
>   Mordecai Mokiaḥ ("the Rebuker") of Eisenstadt (active 1678-1683)   
>   Jacob Querido (d. 1690), said to be the reincarnation of Shabbetai Zevi.   
>   L�bele Prossnitz (Joseph ben Jacob), early eighteenth century   
>   Jacob Joseph Frank (1726-1791), founder of the Frankist movement. 
>  [edit]
>  Christian messiah claimants  This list features people who are said, either 
> by themselves or their followers to be Jesus Christ, or a Messiah under the 
> umbrella of Christianity.
>   Aldebert (eighth century)   
>   Tanchelm of Antwerp (c. 1110)   
>   Ann Lee (1736-1784) central figure to the Shakers.   
>   John Nichols Thom (1799-1838), Cornish tax rebel   
>   Hong Xiuquan, China (1812-1864), claimed to be the younger brother of 
> Jesus.   
>   Bah�'u'll�h (1817-1892), claimed to be the promised one of all 
> religions, and founded the Bah�'� Faith.   
>   Haile Selassie of Ethiopia (1892-1975), Messiah of the Rastafari movement. 
> Never claimed himself to be messiah, but was proclaimed by Marcus Garvey, 
> amongst others. Was saddened by people who thought he was the messiah.   
>   Georges-Emest Roux (1903-1981), the Christ de Montfavet, founder of the 
> Eglise Chr�tienne Universelle   
>   Abbott "Vaughn" Meader (1936-2004), grammy-winning comedian and 
> impersonator.   
>   Vince Taylor (1939-1991), rock and roller who ended his career by claiming 
> to be Jesus.   
>   Michael Travesser, born Wayne Bent (b. 1941). Claims to be the beginning of 
> the Second Coming of Jesus.   
>   Inri Cristo (b. 1948) a claimant to be the second Jesus in Curitiba, Brazil 
>   David Koresh (1959-1993)   
>   Maria Devi Christos (born 1960), founder of the Great White Brotherhood   
>   Sergei Torop (b. 1961) who started to call himself "Vissarion," founder of 
> the Church of the Last Testament 
>  [edit]
>  Muslim messiah claimants    
>     Main article: People claiming to be the Mahdi
>  This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
>  Islamic tradition has a prophecy of the Mahdi, who will come alongside the 
> return of Jesus. The following people claimed to be the Mahdi.
>   Syed Mohammad Jaunpuri (1443 - 1505) of Northeastern India.   
>   The B�b in 1844 declared to be the promised Mahdi in Shiraz, Iran.   
>   Bah�'u'll�h (1817-1892): Here as well as he'd been born Shiite and 
> relates to both Islam as well as Christianity.   
>   Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835 - 1908) of Qadian, 'the Promised Messiah' return 
> of Jesus, founder of the Ahmadiyya religious movement in Islam.   
>   Muhammad Ahmad in the late 19th century founded a short-lived empire in 
> Sudan.   
>   Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan of Somaliland engaged in military conflicts 
> from 1900 to 1920.   
>   Juhayman al-Otaibi seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca in November of 1979.   
>   Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran (1900-1989) was believed by a 
> number of followers to be the Mahdi. Upon his return to Iran from exile in 
> 1979, the headline on Tehran's largest-circulation newspaper read, "The Mahdi 
> Returns!"   
>   Harun Yahya 
>  [edit]
>  Other messiah claimants  This list features people who are said, either by 
> themselves or their followers to be some form of a messiah outside of the 
> sphere of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
>   Aradia de Toscano (b. 1313) active in Italy, said to be the human 
> incarnation of the Roman demigoddess Aradia.   
>   Jacob Joseph Frank (1726-1791), founder of the Frankist movement.   
>   Andr� Matsoua (1899-1942), Congolese founder of Amicale, proponents of 
> which subsequently adopted him as Messiah.   
>   Maitreya (unknown), A messianic figure promoted by Benjamin Creme through 
> his organization, Share International.   
>   Meher Baba (1894-1969), claimed to be the Avatar, an incarnation of God.   
>   Rashad Khalifa (1935 - 1990), claimed to be a prophet after the Prophet 
> Muhammad and even included his name in his translation of the Quran.   
>   John Nichols Thom(1799-1838) was a Cornish self-declared Messiah in the 
> 19th century.   
>   L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) coined himself "Metteya" (Maitreya) in the 1955 
> poem Hymn of Asia. 
>  In the religion of Stregheria, Jesus is believed to have been a false 
> messiah that appeared before Aradia di Toscano came to free the poor and 
> oppressed from the fetters of Christianity.
>  [edit]
>  See also    
>   Jewish Messiah   
>   Jewish Messiah claimants   
>   List of people considered to be avatars   
>   List of charismatic leaders   
>   List of Buddha claimants   
>   List of people considered to be deities   
>   List of people who have claimed to be Jesus   
>   Messiah   
>   Sun Myung Moon 
>  [edit]
>  Bibliography    
>   Hogue, John Messiahs: The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming 
> (1999) Elements Books ISBN 1862045496 
>  [edit]
>  References    
>   Shabbetai Zevi   
>   Rev. Sun Myung Moon 
>  Retrieved from "";
>    Categories: Incomplete lists | Religious leaders | Lists of people by 
> belief
>  -------end--------
>  ------------
>MMM (Global Million Marijuana March):
>Newsweek, Nov. 14, 2005, page 36:
>"The most recent evidence comes from autopsies of 44 prisoners who have died 
>in Iraq and Afghanistan in U.S. custody. Most died under circumstances that 
>suggest torture. The reports use words like 'strangulation,' 'asphyxiation' 
>and 'blunt force injuries.' ...  A few months before the [Abu Ghraib] scandal 
>broke [spring 2004], Coalition Provisional Authority polls showed Iraqi 
>support at 63 percent. A month after Abu Ghraib, the number was 9 percent. 
>Polls showed that 71 percent of Iraqis were surprised by the revelations."
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