Yes, Lieberman is despicable, but so is Ned Lamont. The Illuminati control both 
sides; that's why they always win and we always LOSE. This is why my work 
exists; I'm tired of losing, and I'll bet you are too.


Arlene Johnson
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>Subject: [cia-drugs] With the Lieberman Defeat, Rohatyn's DLC is Doomed
>      With the Lieberman Defeat,
>      Rohatyn's DLC is Doomed
>      by Nancy Spannaus
>      The defeat of the leading Republican Bush-lover in the Democratic Party, 
> Joe Lieberman, in the Senate Democratic primary in Connecticut on Aug. 8, has 
> thrown a huge monkeywrench into the efforts of the Felix Rohatyn-funded 
> Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) to stage a comeback in the runup to the 
> November Congressional elections. The field is now wide open for the 
> Democrats to turn to Lyndon LaRouche's leadership, especially as LaRouche has 
> been the spearhead of the anti-Lieberman drive. Any other course is going to 
> lead, quite predictably, to a smashing Democratic defeat in November.
>      LaRouche representatives in Washington, D.C. are already receiving 
> congratulations on the Lieberman defeat, much as they did when leading 
> Republican thug Tom DeLay of Texas was knocked out of politics. The real 
> question is: Do the Democrats have the guts to follow up?
>      Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.), one of the many leading 
> Democrats who had endorsed Lieberman prior to the primary, responded to the 
> election result with his most feisty comments in months. According to the 
> Aug. 10 Boston Globe, Reid said: "But the perception was that he was too 
> close to George Bush, and this election was, in many respects, a referendum 
> on the President more than anything else. The results bode well for 
> Democratic victories in November and our efforts to take the country in a new 
> direction." Reid said polls show Democrats winning Republican-held Senate 
> seats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Montana, Missouri, and Rhode Island.
>      "A lot of time has gone by and the numbers haven't changed. In 
> actuality, Ohio has gotten better. Montana has gotten better. And now we have 
> three other seats we are looking at. We were only looking also at Tennessee 
> and Arizona. Now we've added Virginia to the mix." Reid said.
>      Out of the eight Republican seats Reid mentioned, the Democrats need to 
> win six, in order to take control of the Senate.
>      The Lieberman Stink
>      Lieberman's loss is a direct reflection of the fact that the Connecticut 
> electorate saw him as the "kissing cousin" of George W. Bush. Like the 
> majority of the nation, Connecticut voters are in revulsion against the 
> brutal, no-win war in Iraq, and the complete lack of action by the current 
> Administration and Congress on the accelerating economic and financial 
> collapse. Challenger Ned Lamont's anti-war campaign was a plus for him, but 
> Lieberman's negatives far outweighed them. Washington sources tell EIR that 
> when Lieberman began to threaten the party that he would campaign as an 
> Independent if he lost the primary, he pushed many over the edge, against him.
>      Lieberman comes by his thug-like behavior naturally. As LaRouche's EIR 
> exposed in a series of mass-run offprints back in August 2002, Lieberman got 
> his start in the Senate with the full backing of some of the most notorious 
> right-wing fascist circles on the planet, including avowed Carlist William F. 
> Buckley. Buckley not only waged a propaganda campaign against Lieberman's 
> opponent, Lowell Weicker, in the Senate race of 1988, but bailed Lieberman 
> out financially by steering him to the Cuban exile community in Miami. 
> Lieberman maintained the close connections with the Cuban right wing, at 
> least up through the 2000 Presidential election, when he was known as "Gore's 
> Man in Little Havana." (See "Fascist William Buckley Put Joe Lieberman in the 
> Senate," EIR, July 26, 2002.)
>      Then there are Lieberman's mob connections, starting with Michael 
> Steinhardt, the chairman and bankroller of the DLC when it was launched out 
> of Pam Harriman's "Democrats for the 80s" late in that decade. Steinhardt, 
> the son of the leading jewel fence for the Meyer Lansky syndicate, ran one of 
> the filthiest hedge funds on Wall Street during the 1980s and 1990s. After he 
> shut down his hedge fund in the wake of his company being involved in a scam 
> over Treasury bonds, Steinhardt emerged as a major player in the Edgar 
> Bronfman-founded Mega Group.
>      Steinhardt, who now funds the neo-con New York Sun newspaper, has 
> continued to be close to Lieberman. The two collaborated in the infamous 
> September 1998 effort to carry out a coup d'�tat against the Clinton 
> Administration, by trying to get President Clinton to resign in the wake of 
> the Monica Lewinsky affair. Indeed, Lieberman is known in some Washington 
> political circles as the "Senator from Mega," a testament to his closeness to 
> the circles of Bronfman and Steinhardt.
>      Indeed, Lieberman, and his close colleague John McCain, teamed up in 
> 2002 to demand that President Bush launch an attack on Iraq, and providing 
> political cover for the Cheney-controlled apparatus of hoked-up intelligence 
> which was used to intimidate the Senate into approving the ongoing disastrous 
> war. (See "Knock Out Lieberman and McCain To Save the Republic," EIR, Aug. 2, 
> 2002.)
>      Will Cheney's Support Help?
>      Lieberman's immediate announcement that he would run as an Independent 
> against Lamont (who won the primary by a respectable margin of 52 to 48%), 
> has brought him a wave of support-from Cheneyac Republicans. None other than 
> Cheney himself came forward to complain about the Democrats having "purged" 
> their party, and to assert that Lieberman's defeat would benefit "al-Qaeda 
> types."
>      While Cheney denied that the White House is actually supporting 
> Lieberman in his "independent" Senate bid, it's probably true. Cheney lies.
>      There have been reports from a Lieberman aide, coming through journalist 
> George Stephanopoulos, that Karl Rove, Bush's master election strategist, has 
> told Lieberman that he would help him in any way he could. Rove would only 
> confirm that he called to congratulate Lieberman, but at least one Republican 
> Senate candidate, Mark Kennedy of Minnesota, has declared that he will 
> support him.
>      For his part, Connecticut Democratic nominee Ned Lamont responded to 
> Lieberman's attack on him for being "soft on terror" by saying: "Wow, that 
> comment sounds an awful lot like Vice President Cheney's comment on 
> Wednesday. Both of them believe our invasion of Iraq has a lot to do with 
> 9/11. That's a false premise."
>      Moving Toward a Solution
>      For the Democrats to prevail nationally, however, it will not be enough 
> to just attack the war, or even Cheney and the pro-war synarchist agents 
> inside the Democratic Party. The electorate is in a white-hot rage against 
> the inaction of the Congress, particularly on life-and-death questions of 
> economics, such as the shutdown of the auto industry. Even more damning is 
> the fact that LaRouche has put the solution to the crisis on the table-only 
> to be shunned and ignored, while the Democrats concentrate on getting support 
> from DLC moneybags like Felix Rohatyn.
>      The LaRouche Youth Movement is concentrating on getting this message 
> out: Are you going to act on LaRouche's program, or are you going to continue 
> to be corrupted and bribed by Rohatyn et al.'s money? Not only political 
> careers are at stake. This is a matter of the survival of the United States. 

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