Clearly, this man, Ron, hasn't read the Old Testament or wants any of us to 
read it, for if he had he would have read literally hundreds of instances in 
which God was so angry with Israel because it didn't obey His laws.

Then, Ron needs to read a former Jewish man's speech that he gave in NYC in the 
late 50s. I published it in my 18th edition at Then, he, and anyone else who has 
not read that edition, can continue to read all of it. I recently sent this 
speech to a Canadian minister; he was clearly impressed by it. I believe you 
will be too if you read it.

War is war. For someone such as Ron to say that war is not absolute Hell, is as 
saying that black is white or white is black. It is an oxymoron. And if people 
want to learn what hell the Palestinian people have undergone even though their 
DNA is identical to the real Jewish people of Israel, because they are of the 
same seed from Abraham, then read my 10th edition.

So, I'm sorry Ron, the world is right; America is wrong. The US government has 
seen fit to brainwash the American people so that they would think that the 
Palestinian people are terrorists. I know because I had an interaction with a 
WA state man when I sent a mass mailing one time pleading for coats for the 
Palestinian people, and he told me that he wouldn't donate one thing to those 
"terrorists" and told me to remove him from my list as well. I just shook my 
head in dismay.

Israel planned the Lebanese invasion in 2000; the taking of the two hostages 
was the excuse for the conflict. It has been all set up as Mossad created 
Hamas, because Israel does NOT want peace at all. See Barry Chamish's articles 
on the Rabin assassination in my 4th and 5th editions. Also, in the most recent 
edition of my work, the 22nd, there is a quote from a couple of Jewish people 
regarding the Holocaust. Those are in the feature called, "Did You Know?"

Then, if you are still not convinced of Israeli. i.e. Zionist evilness, click 
onto the  icon that says "Boycotts We Support" on my site and look for the 
infant, 5 months old, who was murdered by the IDF with the full support of the 
multinational Johnson & Johnson, no relation to me thank God.


Arlene Johnson
Publisher/Author the home of The Journal of History (La verdad 
sobre la democracia)
Click on the icon that says Magazine to access my internationally acclaimed 
Password for editions 21 - 24: message

-----Original Message-----
>From: MarshaMcClelland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Sent: Aug 26, 2006 8:40 PM
>Subject: [cia-drugs] ***URGENT ACTION ALERT***This is the truth & invitation 
>to help save the planet
>***URGENT ACTION ALERT***This is the truth & invitation to help save 
>the planet
>Dear Group Owners;
>Please allow this most urgent alert and excuse the necessary cross 
>posting because these dire times call for drastic measures...This 
>communication is not really about religion per say but then it is at 
>the same time...Kind of an oxymoron, I guess
>Not a religion but knowledge and a way of life and being that can 
>and will save us all
>These type posts are meant to expose most religion for what it 
>really is...There are two separate forces when it comes to 
>religion...One that keeps the masses blind...The other to open their 
>eyes and set them free
>Some members in all the groups will not welcome this message but I 
>plead with you group owners to allow this truth be posted for all 
>the others to be able to digest and make up their own minds
>Many do not want you to have this knowledge and go to great extremes 
>to stop it
>But it is real and the basic content to this communication needs to 
>be spread like wildfire
>Thank you in advance for allowing this to post...The children will 
>thank you, too
>I wrote to a member at our WTP_U group>>>
>Re: [The State Of Israel] I will bless those who bless you, and 
>curse those who curse you.
>Hey Laura...Maybe if we are successful at convincing Ron of the fact 
>that Israel really is the enemy>>>Maybe we could convince Harry 
>there really is a Creator?
>Then Ron being the good heart he is could start enlightening the 
>masses with the genuine and whole truth
>And Harry could be right there to back this (been there all the 
>time) great news...This knowledge is not something new but really 
>old and ancient truth
>The spiritual part of the truth that has gotten suppressed by man 
>made religion and doctrine throughout time...One of the tricks of 
>the "greatest deception to mankind",  interjected to confuse and 
>separate, to allow the evil and greedy to rule the masses
>Once you open yourself to this truth you will be truly amazed at the 
>revelations and epiphanies to come...If you're like I was and afraid 
>to search out so called taboo areas believing what the old schooled 
>Christians passed down to us...You need not be...No one can deceive 
>you because you will know them by their fruit
>These old lessons were designed to keep us passive and from learning 
>our true potential...So "We The Peasants" would not become "We The 
>The key to this new & ancient way of living is simple>>>The essence 
>is made wholly of love and acceptance of all others
>This way of living (and not a religion) gives a whole new meaning to 
>the name Christian...What a Christian really should be like...No 
>matter what doctrine one allows to dictate man made rules or truth 
>mixed with deception to them, they need to reevaluate 
>immediately...The real Christian thing to do would be>>>To be sure 
>all aspects of every individual is pure in love and good fruit 
>including and especially loving and caring for all of Creation...Not 
>just part of them
>We all need start all over and together this time not allowing all 
>the tricks to divide us
>Now, would this be a miracle when Harry and Ron unite in love for 
>mankind using determination and truth to help save us all?...Both 
>good and gentle men who have been part of the result of the 
>conditioning we have all been put through for generations coming 
>together for one purpose?...Our purpose that was sidetracked from 
>the beginning
>That purpose being to be the caretakers of this planet...And 
>please...I don't want to hear the one that says our only purpose to 
>be here is to glorify God...That's not true and it does nothing to 
>stop death and suffering of little ones...God is good and if you 
>mistake bad fruit for good in condoning evil deeds...Your God is of 
>the negative force and supporting Israel involves fruit that stinks 
>to high Heaven
>Okay Harry & Ron...Please go within yourselves and examine 
>reality...We need you both desperately to help break the old curse 
>and link together in truth...We need you both to help break the 
>balance from negativity to the positive
>I'm a big advocate at exposing the truth behind scripture that man 
>has tainted but in it's duality as with everything else touching 
>this planet, it has truth and divinity too
>Scripture states that "God's" children will recognize truth when 
>they hear it...Anyone with a basically good heart "is' capable of 
>having ears to hear...Every good hearted person is a child of  the 
>good God whether he wants to claim this or not
>We need all get real now...Get the movie>>>What The Bleep Do We 
>Know!? Down The Rabbit Hole and wake up to fact that is stranger 
>than fiction...Come out of the box and go from being the peasant to 
>being a person and help take back all that belongs to us for future 
>generation to come
>That curse at the end of Revelation in the Bible is not real and put 
>there for good reason...The motive for it was not good, as in a 
>positive nature, but served it's evil purpose for many generations
>We need learn what isreal and what's not real and fast...Including 
>and especially we need realize the state (State) of Israel is wrong 
>and full of deception
>Come out of the darkness into the light both of you, Ron & 
>Harry...Throw the enemy a curve and be witness to the rest that we 
>really can beat the devil...Whether satan be a real being or a state 
>of being does not matter...Our children do>>>all our children, every 
>Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with you two, please
>We need this miracle
>Love & Blessings,
>Please join us in truth and help spread the good news that we will 
>be having a happy ending to all of our dilemmas>>>Our new beginning 
>is about to manifest>>>
>"We The People United Movement"
>We are many Political and Patriot Groups joining together, to help 
>right the wrongs in America..."United We Will Stand"
>Laura wrote:
>Ron dear-Israel is the bad guy. Need to brush up on that homework;)
>>From: harry mobley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>Subject: Re: [WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] I will bless those who bless you, 
>>curse those who curse you.
>>Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 18:54:37 -0700 (PDT)
>>Wrong again, Ron..
>>WE don't support Israel. Our Zionist Gubment does.
>>Thank you for showing that you are truly the enemy.
>>----- Original Message ----
>>Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 8:37:42 PM
>>Subject: [WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] I will bless those who bless you, and 
>>those who curse you.
>>Hello everyone, and God bless. With all the negative things about 
>>goverment, I can find one positive.... ...we support ISRAEL, when 
>>the entire world doesn't. And for that I will say GOD bless the 
>>Let the world bring it on
>><http://www.stangood 2006/08/23/ let-the-world- bring-
>it- on/>
>>Posted on Wednesday 23 August 2006
>>Amnesty International (AI) has accused Israel of committing war 
>>during the course of its self-defensive war against the Hizb'allah.
>>So the outed anti-Israel news agency Reuters informed us Wednesday.
>>Determined to prosecute such a charge while the widespread,
>>media-manufactured outrage against Israel for its actions in Lebanon
>>remains high, the so-called human rights group has called for the 
>>Nations to quickly establish an "independent" inquiry into what
>>it says were Israeli breaches of international humanitarian law.
>>AI, known for the enduring hostility of its relationship towards 
>>employed its "evenhandedness" approach by saying that "both
>>sides" had broken these laws.
>>It is a tactic that is as tried and tested as it is transparent.
>>As much as it wants to be seen as such, and no matter how forcefully
>>Egypt may insist it is the Hizb'allah is not a legitimate
>>national entity.
>>It's a regionally-sponsore d Islamo-facist terror machine that has
>>consolidated its reputation and built up its growing following 
>>acts of violence and gangsterism in Allah's name.
>>On July 12, this Iranian-equipped and Syrian-facilitated militia
>>perpetrated an act of international piracy by crossing into 
>>Israeli territory to kidnap Israeli soldiers, killing eight IDF men 
>>the process.
>>And it unapologetically committed crimes against humanity by
>>deliberately aiming at civilian population centers when it rained 
>>missiles down on Israel between July 12 and August 14.
>>(An inquiry we can be sure AI will never call for is one into the
>>responsibility of Tehran and Damascus for the outbreak of this war 
>>their contribution to the tragic cost in Israeli and Lebanese 
>>No matter. What we have learned well during the past decades here in
>>Israel is that the world wants to see Israel as guilty. Nations like
>>France and England, South Africa, Russia and China are quite happy 
>to be
>>deceived into believing that Israeli soldiers and air force pilots, 
>>the blessing of Israeli governments, will deliberately and even
>>gleefully inflict death and destruction on Arab men, women and 
>>Let them believe these lies. Let them prosecute Israel for them. Let
>>them even in their show trials in The Hague or wherever they
>>choose to have them find Israeli individuals or Israel as a nation
>>guilty as charged.
>>These journalists and lawmakers, together with the public that 
>>and supports them, are set in their ways. The truth will make no 
>dent in
>>their bias; it will give no pause to their prejudice, no respite to
>>their anti-Semitism.
>>This world sees modern-day Israel as:
>>* Increasingly a mistake at best, illegitimate at worst created
>>on stolen Arab lands. * Expansionist seeking to enlarge its
>>borders by illegal occupation and ultimate annexation of more of 
>>lands. * Warmongering ready and eager to make war on its
>>neighboring states and against the Palestinian Arabs. * Criminal in
>>its warfare deliberately targeting Arab civilians. *
>>Human-rights abusing arbitrarily persecuting Arabs and employing
>>collective punishment against them. * Racist abusive and
>>segregationist towards its own Arab citizens (Israeli Arabs).
>>We know modern-day Israel to be:
>>* Wholly legitimate both biblically and historically the
>>rightful owners of all the ancient land of Eretz Israel. *
>>Excessively accommodating has proven its readiness to relinquish
>>claim to great chunks of that homeland. * Sacrificially peace
>>seeking from the early 1900s repeatedly extending its hand towards
>>the Arabs for peace; since 1967 demonstrably willing to take risks 
>>peace, even at the cost of thousands of Israeli lives. *
>>Incomparably humanitarian in its warfare never blitzing,
>>carpet-bombing or in any other way mass-destroying its enemies; 
>>civilians to vacate areas the IDF needs to strike; placing its own
>>soldiers repeatedly at risk in order to minimize the risk to 
>>the majority of who are fully supportive of and celebrate their
>>countrymen's attacks on Israeli civilians. * Self accountable:
>>As a nation repeatedly ready to express sorrow and remorse for the
>>excessive or unlawful actions of individual Israelis; holding courts
>>martial to punish and prevent abuse of Arabs by individual Israeli
>>soldiers, etc. * Restrained in its actions against terrorists
>>selectively targeting those it goes after; dealing with individual
>>terrorist's property when it could lay siege to entire communities;
>>building security walls and fences to stop terrorist acts instead of
>>employing iron fist against entire Arab communities out of which 
>>terrorists come. * Self-critical to an astonishing degree of any
>>latent prejudices and, through its parliament as well as its courts,
>>seeking to redress imbalances in treatment of the Arab minority an
>>Arab minority that, even as it perpetually complains, happens to 
>>the highest standard of living in the Arab world, the protection of 
>>civil and human rights, an equal vote and its own parliamentary
>>representatives (most of whom are openly hostile towards Israel),
>>exemption from military service, and many thousands of whom live in
>>luxurious villas and mansions that are to be seen in every one of
>>Israel's Arab towns.
>>The world is wrong in its treatment of Israel. It is unfair and it 
>>unjust. But why worry about them? Let them bring it on. All they are
>>doing is storing up judgment against themselves, judgment that will 
>>poured out upon them when the God of Israel deals with all those who
>>hate Zion.
>>Thank God, God is Israel's defender. And while God, a holy God, will
>>deal "in measure" with Israel for its many faults and sins, God
>>knows where justice and injustice lie in regard to Israel's conflict
>>with the Arabs, and the world's position on this conflict.
>>The Judge of all the earth is coming soon. "God is coming to judge
>>the earth. God shall judge the world with righteousness, and the 
>>with God's truth." (Ps 96:13)
>>God bless.
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