This came to me in Hungarian and English. I deleted the Hungarian because with 
all the diacritical marks turning into question marks, etc. it was illegible, 
and I figured no one would be able to read Hungarian anyway. If you would 
rather read it in Hungarian, I think it is on my Blog in that language. See


Arlene Johnson
>-----Forwarded Message-----
>>Sent: Aug 26, 2006 7:10 PM
>>Subject: The Jewish freemasonic "humanists". Please forward!
>>Dear Reader,
>>Please open the link:
>>Today in Budapest the "humanists" of Hungary call upon all countries 
>>possessing some nuclear arsenal, especially the United States, England, 
>>France, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia and China to destroy those 
>>As you see it, the "humanists" guided by the Jewish freemasonry don't call 
>>upon the State of Israel to destroy its nuclear arsenal. If the Jewish State 
>>remains the only one atomic power, then the Jews can subdue the world as 
>>Theodor Herzl has set as an aim for the Jews in his book entitled "Programme 
>>for the Jewish World-Colony". This final end got new corroboration according 
>>to my book entitled "The Secrets of the Nietzschean Empire". That is why the 
>>United Nations Organisation wants to disarm all non-Jewish states.
>>the 26th of August, 2006.
>>Yours sincerely,
>>M�nus �ron, 6800 H�dmez�v�s�rhely, Zr�nyi utca 27., Hungary
>>Tel.: (62) 242 270; Mobil: (30) 963 01 85

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