Somehow the PDA made its way into my Inbox. They advocate sending about 4 
people to their representative's office now that Congress is on break to speak 
on 3 different issues. FOUR people imho is way too few. Therefore, I made some 
woman named Sherry aware of my feeling which is based upon 21 of us, 
representing MOVE-ON, going to see Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) in our attempt 
to get her to vote against going to war in Iraq in 2003. She voted in favor of 
it anyway. So 4 people is a joke since 21 didn't even do any good.

Regarding DU, one of my Florida supporters who is a Gulf War veteran who was 
exposed to DU now has the way to overcome this scourge. Contact me privately if 
you know anyone who suffers from this problem. My FL supporter has hepatitis 3 
as a result of that war.


Arlene Johnson
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>Subject: [cia-drugs] Must read: Democrat Gatekeeper's Camptown Races Do-Da
>Must read: Democrat Gatekeeper's Camptown Races Do-Da
>by Ed Ward, MD
>"What do you get when you fall in [Party] love? 'Cause [Camp] - I've 
>been there and I'm glad I'm out. Out of those chains, those chains 
>that bind you. That's why I'm here to remind you. You only get lies 
>and pain and sorrow.", sang the Carpenters. Prophecy from the past? 
>No, but the old lyrics and title seem to blend with the current 
>political fiasco in which freedom loving Americans currently find 
>What do you do when America's discontent with the democrat's (rats, 
>dims, or for a real laugh democratic) and the republican's (repugs) 
>party is at an all time high? Enough correct and righteous outrage 
>that many simply call both parties - the party of elitists. 
>formed other democrat groups such as the ADA, Americans for 
>Democratic (apparently, democratic substituting for democrat similar 
>to the currently spun substitution of democracy) Action. The ADA 
>states, "...we lobby through coalition partnerships, through direct 
>advocacy, and through media." The direct inference being democrats 
>will lobby through a 'coalition partners' without the recognized 
>connection of direct advocacy. According to democrat spin this 
>strategy seems to also make the word deception interchangeable for 
>democrat, democratic and even democracy. 
>Whois the Camp Democracy (Democrat - CD), 
>owner? David Swanson, owner and Co-Founder of 
>another 'nonpartisan' coalition and Director of for 
>those that happen to go to the Co-Founder link after 
>the 'nonpartisan' statement in 'about us'. The other named Co-
>Founders: Tim Carpenter - National Director of Progressive Democrats 
>of America (many times referred to as PDA without expansion) and 
>on the Steering Committee of 'Camp Democrat' just one of the 
>other 'nonpartisan' coalitions, Bob Fertik - Co-Founder of 
>, Steve Cobble - policy advisor of PDA, John Bonifaz - 
>national advisor board member of PDA. How does David Swanson 
>teach "How to lobby the public?" at AfterDowningStreet? Almost word 
>for word the same way Mike Hersh, PDA staff writer and steering 
>committee member of 'Camp Democrat', tells progressive democrats 
>to 'lobby', "Hi, would you like to help______________? We have a 
>national grassroots campaign to put pressure on our representatives 
>to co-sponsor________." Nope, you are not lobbying for partisan 
>democrats with partisan views and partisan agendas. You are lobbying 
>for a pure, honest and non-partisan 'grassroots campaign'. This is 
>clearly deception and deceit by omission of partisan objectives for 
>democrat agendas. So much for the 'progressive/grassroot democrats, 
>democratics, those of democracy, it has been the deception, deceit 
>and lies of BOTH political parties of elitists that has gotten US 
>exactly where we are today - war, tyranny, treason, fascism and the 
>verge of a depression. Only fully disclosed truth can make a real 
>democratic republic. 
>Want to become a PDA Chapter, but not let anyone know? No problem 
>according to PDA, just form your group before you join PDA as they 
>state: "Already existing groups -- such as Democratic Clubs, peace 
>groups, Meet-Ups, Young Democrats, senior citizens groups, or other 
>special interest groups (or possibly progressive grassroots 
>republicans would also work, so as not to leave out any possible 
>deceptive group names?)-- can become a PDA Chapter while maintaining 
>their original identity. "
>The Steering Committee of 'Camp Democrat' consists of 12 members. 
>1. Tim Carpenter - National Director of PDA, 
>2. Mike Hersh - PDA staff writer, writer and webmaster of 
> political commentary & analysis (where about us 
>reveals a 'nonpartisan organization' yet somehow democrat and PDA 
>don't seem to make entry), and several other political egroups, 
>3. Karen Bradley of PDA and Democracy (democrat MoveOn) Cell 
>4. David Swanson - PDA board member, Director of, 
>5. Christy Yorty - vocal MoveOn member, 
>6. Jo Freeman - prominent 60's liberal democrat activist for past 
>much needed women's equality (unlike the present women's movement 
>that has forgotten what equality means and presses for women as 
>the 'more equals' in the destruction of fathers, children, families 
>and this country by the breaking of the backbone of this country - 
>the family unit), 
>7. Charles Jenks - no official democrat politics noted on google 
>search, only those of soci0lism (which frightens me more than if he 
>were a democrat, as this country has far to many socialist values 
>already. It's not politically viable on its own, but intermingled in 
>the democrat party it is very dangerous), and does reveal individual 
>interaction with individual PDA activists. Jenks is also past 
>president of Traprock Peace Center which has had numerous 
>interactions with PDA, 
>8. Linda Wiener - significant individual sponsor of 'CD'. 
>9. Somewhat of an enigma, Sunny Miller - current director of 
>Peace Center and a participant in at least one 911 Truth Conference. 
>Primary sponsor of 'Camp Democrat' the Velvet Revolution (VR) on 
>brief inspection had no direct ties to 'democrat', just lots of 
>democratic and democracy. However, two points of insight were noted. 
>VR takes credit for being a 'founding member' of AfterDowningStreet, 
>which we know from previous notations was founded by democrats. 
>Dr. Connie Rice gets credit for a "velvet revolutio" and 
>stated, "It's time for a regime change in Balarus." In this 
>reporter's view, that is exactly what is being planned in the US - 
>trading one regime for another regime. Elitists repeating a near 
>centurial cycle that has progressed to today's current crisis. This 
>recycling can not be allowed to happen again. America needs a 
>removal not a regime change. The US must have representation 
>upholding the original intent of the Constitution. This return to 
>original intent of the Constitution would drastically reduce this 
>government's stolen powers and indeed the powers of the political 
>parties themselves.
>It was 'CD's' refusal to admit the 911 Truthers to the upcoming 
>Washington, DC rally that caused this reporter's investigation 
>into 'Camp Democrat'. PDA listed 911 Truther, National, 
>as an ally, but when it came to allowing 911 truth information to be 
>shared at "Camp Democrat" giving much needed and devastating facts 
>not only the repugs party, but also the rats party by their so 
>ignoring or even denial of facts. PDA rightfully feared the 
>suicide of both parties and balked big time. 
>A request for some of the email correspondence between PDA the main 
>CD organizers and 911 Truthers produced multiple email forwards. One 
>of the well written and thought out responses came after a request 
>for contributions for PDA from a dyed in the wool democrat of almost 
>3 decades after PDA had declined to allow 911 Truthers access to a 
>table or stage during the 17 day event. With the factual notation 
>that illustrates my previous point very succinctly, "When the anti-
>war movement finds out the truth - that even the PDA has been lying 
>(by omission) about 911 to them? You might as well start networking 
>now in order to find a job within the Green Party."
>"Camp Democrat" is rapidly approaching. The inter-party vital 
>will shortly be delivered by the messengers. Or the most part, both 
>the messengers and the message are in their infancy and are pure. It 
>is critical that it be delivered, praised, and rejoiced with the 
>support of all the people in unity. 
>However, exposure of the democrat elitists organizing, directing, 
>deleting, and amplifying portions of the message must be shown for 
>the total truth to be delivered to both parties. The republicans 
>have predominately orchestrated the recent denial of rights by 
>tyranny, and the democrats that have predominately orchestrated past 
>denial of rights by tyranny, while turning a blind eye to the 
>recently allowed cataclysmic actions that have been allowed to 
>progress unhampered - occasionally even openly assisting those 
>The unified chant of Peace Now, No Secret Vote, The People United 
>Rights, and 911 Truth will send the required message to both 
>Twelve words that can return this country to it's glory instead of 
>it's demise. Those four rally demands ingrained in our citizen's 
>minds and hearts will allow the solving of the other lesser 
>government abuses. Until The People as a whole realize the extent of 
>those topics and embrace them, we will have tyranny by this 
>Almost every messenger present will have no problem with the 
>of Peace Now, No Secret Vote and The People United for Rights. Only 
>out of 8 messengers know the 911 Truth message. The 911 messengers 
>will need days, projectors, DVDs, experts, DVD players, graphs, slo-
>motion equipment, magnifying lenses, an almost endless list of 
>supplies and explanations to get that message across to 7 other 
>messengers. Wrong. All that is needed is 1 picture and one 
>questioning sentence. 
>If the WTC buildings simply collapsed, how did this 600,000 lb (270 
>Tons) steel beam (as quoted and pictured by FEMA) float 390 feet 
>(minimum distance required) and embed itself in the FedEx building. 
>If anyone does not understand that 270 Tons does not float in the 
>and embed itself in a building 390 feet away from a simple almost 
>footprint building collapse, then they are not going to be 'fooled' 
>by any moving pictures or explanations. At that point, either their 
>intent, sanity or ability to care for themselves needs much more 
>scrutiny than this basic physics problem that causes significant 
>rethinking of this government's footprint collapsing theory. (A 
>notarized as to origin larger picture might also be useful. Author 
>Dr. Stefan Grossman draws attention to this beam and a little more 
>depth in, I See A Great Wind.)
>Ordinarily, I close with my name and reference to my archive. 
>However, this article involves some very powerful organizations, 
>corporations and individuals and has the potential for a wide 
>distribution. There are some other articles that desperately need 
>1. City of New Orleans, LA & 36 Other States Elections Fixed? 
>2. 9/11/2006 Proclaimed: National Patriot Holiday 
>3. Uranium: Deja DU The Agent Orange of Eternity 
>This last article is old, but there is still one cutting edge bit of 
>information contained in it. Late menstrual cycles (clots) of 
>possibly exposed military personnel to DU and/or any female sexual 
>partner in which pregnancy was a possibility need to be placed in 
>regular rubbing alcohol and brought to their physician for 
>microscopic evaluation of deformity to prove the hazards of DU 
>a reasonable doubt. Now the reader no longer needs to read the 
>article for the vital information, but it is still an interesting 
>read along with several other topics in my archive. 
>Legal Disclaimer: This article is entirely, completely and only my 
>opinion based on the interpretation of the referenced information. 
>While the views above may be shared by many millions exhausted by 
>this government, they are only my views and I do not imply that they 
>are actually shared by anyone else.
>This article is not copyrighted and may be published, copied, 
>dispersed, posted, and transported as long as the original URL, 
> and author's 
>credit accompany it.
>Dei Jurum Conventus
>Ed Ward, MD;
>Independent writer/Media Liaison for The Price of Liberty; 
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