This is absolutely true. The irony is that they are the ones which cause this. 
This is why my work is so needed.

Now, twice in the past several days someone states that soy is harmful to 
humans. It must be so, therefore.


Arlene Johnson
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>From: judson witham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Sent: Aug 28, 2006 6:53 PM
>To:, [EMAIL PROTECTED], Arlene Johnson <[EMAIL 
>Subject: [cia-drugs] "Is It Legal"   Mechanism's of 21st Century Techno Slavery
>judson witham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:     "Men commit evil within the scope 
>available to them."  Theodore Dalrymple
>    "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the 
> soul."   Matthew 10:28       This book attempts to depict the strange 
> transformation of the free human mind into an automatically responding 
> machine a transformation which can be bought about by some of the cultural 
> undercurrents in our present day society as well as by deliberate experiments 
> in the service of a political ideology.   The rape of the mind and stealthy 
> mental coercion are among the oldest crimes of mankind. They probably began 
> back in pre historic days wheh man first discovered that he could exploit 
> human qualities of empathy and understanding in order to exert power over his 
> fellow men. The word "rape" is derived from the Latin word _rapere_, to 
> snatch, but also is related to the words to rave and raven. It means to 
> overwhelm and to enrapture, to invade, to usurp, to pillage and to steal.   
> The modern words "brainwashing," "thought control," and "menticide" serve to 
> provide a clearer
> conception of the actual methods by which man's integrity can be violated. 
> When a concept is given its right name, it can be more easily recognized and 
> it is with this recognition that the opportunity for systematic correction 
> begins.       In this book the reader will find a discussion of some of the 
> imminent dangers which threaten free cultural interplay. It emphasizes the 
> tremendous cultural implication of the subject of enforced mental intrusion. 
> Not only the artificial techniques of coercion are important but even more 
> the unobtrusive intrusion into our feeling and thinking. The danger of 
> destruction of the spirit may be compared to the threat of total physical 
> destruction through atomic warfare. Indeed, the two are related and 
> intertwined.       My approach to this subject is based on the belief that it 
> is only by looking at any problem from several angles that we are able to get 
> at its heart.       According to Bohr's principle of complementarity, the 
> rather simple
> phenomena of physics can be looked at from diverse viewpoints; different and 
> seemingly contrasting concepts are needed to describe physical phenomena. For 
> instance, for explanation of the behavior of electrons, both the concept of 
> particle and the concept of wave are useful. The same is true for the even 
> more complicated psychological and social interactions. We cannot look at 
> brainwashing merely from a simple Pavlovian viewpoint. This book tries to do 
> it also from the clinical descriptive view and from the concept of 
> psychology; it tries to look at brainwashing from the standpoint that general 
> mental coercion may belong to every human interaction.       Communication of 
> any sort can almost be compared with trying to knock down a row of dolls in a 
> throwing game. The more balls we throw, the greater is the probability that 
> we may hit all the dolls. The more approaches we make to any problem, the 
> greater chance we have of finding and grasping its essential core. Such
> detailed treatment will be impossible without some repetition in the text.    
>    In this book we shall move from the specific subject of planned and 
> deliberate mental coercion to the more general question of the influences in 
> the modern world that tend to robotize and automatize man. The last chapters 
> are devoted to the problem of inner backbone, as a first step in the 
> direction of learning to maintain OUR MENTAL FREEDOM.       One of the great 
> Dutch authors, Multatuli, wrote a letter to his friend excusing himself 
> because the letter was so long: he had not had time enough to write a shorter 
> one. In this paradox he expressed part of the problem of all search for 
> expression and communication. It takes a long time to express an idea in a 
> precise and communicable way. Yet being short and simple in one's 
> descriptions is not always appreciated. Expecially modern psychology is 
> loaded with superlearnedness with the secret intention of leaving the reading 
> public awe stricken. The
> man who tries to express himself in simple words, bypassing jargon, risks 
> being called popular and unscientific. Nevertheless, I am aware of the fact 
> that I have been so much steeped in psychological terminology that I cannot 
> completely forego psychological language. The real test of psychological 
> clarity is the way the layman absorbs and understands the ideas communicated. 
> My aim has been to write for the general public, not to popularize but to 
> bring some order to the chaos of our particular epoch.   Every word man 
> speaks is a plagiarism. The task of an author is to absorb, incorporate, and 
> transform the knowledge and emotional currents of his own epoch and to 
> present them in his own personal way, enriched by his own experiences. I am 
> grateful, indeed, to all those whose ideas I have been able to borrow, and 
> especially to all those who inspired me to write down my own thoughts on this 
> controversial subject.       J.A.M.M. January, 1956 
>  THE RAPE OF THE MIND: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and 
> Brainwashing, by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, 
> Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social 
> Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces, 
> published in 1956, World Publishing Company
>  Enslaved By Endless Rules Technicalities of Court 
>  Mind Numbing Complexities of Ever Changing Laws
>  The LAWYER MASTERS turn People into Sheeple 
>  Enslvaing Them With The Laws
>  The Technicalities Of The Laws KILL
>  How ordinary free people are enslaved.
>  Enslaved By Rules of Court Slavery a condition in which one human being is 
> owned by and controlled by a ruling elite of lawyers  and lawyer judges. A 
> slave is created by forcing an unending miriad of changing rules, policies, 
> laws and court rules and procudures upon those converted by the maze of  laws 
> etc.  to property, or chattel, and are routinely deprived of most of the 
> rights ordinarily held by free persons my the GRAND WIZZARDS of the Legal 
> Slavery Elite.
>  Your assitance please on expounding upon and refining the above concept is 
> appreciated.
>  "The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred 
> as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice 
> to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence." --John Adams 
>  What is Slavery?
>  "Subservance To The Lawyer Minions and Their Elites Lawyer Judges subject to 
> their Wizzardry Of Court Technicalities and Interpretations"
>  "Already the hour is late. Government has laid its hand on health, housing, 
> farming, industry, commerce, education, and to an ever-increasing degree 
> interferes with the people's right to know. ... We approach the point of no 
> return when government becomes so huge and entrenched that we fear the 
> consequences of upheaval and just go along with it." -Ronald Reagan 
>  Nowhere is slavery legal in the sense that no legal system recognizes title 
> or property in a living human being.  This means that no court will enforce a 
> contract to buy and sell slaves or enforce the right of a master to the labor 
> of his or her slave. 
>  However, although slavery, as a form of property recognized by the state, 
> has been abolished, millions of people are still enslaved. 
>  The Society uses the definition of slavery enunciated in 1880 by the High 
> Court of Allahabad in India, which, in substance, is that a person is treated 
> as a slave or is reduced to a condition of slavery if another exercises power 
> or control over that person:
>(1)    to restrain their personal liberty; and
>(2)    to dispose of their labor against their will �
>without lawful authority. 
>  Slavery is sometimes confused with other forms of servitude, such as forced 
> labor, bonded labor, pawnage and servile concubinage.
>  The expression "forced labor", in international law, refers to those forms 
> of labor obligations or penal labor imposed by a state or an agency or agent 
> of the government or state and which are described in the Forced Labor 
> Convention 1930 and the Abolition of Forced Labor Convention 1957.
>  "Men commit evil within the scope available to them."  Theodore Dalrymple
>  To all concerned people:
>  We have taken the time to address these complicated problems in the past 
> where both the corporate State and Federal governments have converted (stole) 
> you're Rights and sold them back to you as privileges.
>  All American courts are administrations, operating under "color of law."
>They can only hear cases from corporations, i.e. "person(s)," not people.
>Note the upper case letters in the capitation; that is a privilege of a
>corporation. This is all because of the bankruptcy and the Administration
>Procedure Act.
>  A book on legal writings will go into further details for all interested.
>-----Original Message-----
>A friend wrote me the following:
>--- Scotsman wrote:
>"I have said many times that a proper definition of
>"human" would be "color of man" as "hue" is synonymous
>with "color".  This would give those who practice
>"color of law" and "color of office" someone to
>practice on . . . . . I have been told The Talmud says
>that a human is a BEAST and examples people from
>Africa and those of The Nations - GOYIM, as "human"
>and a member of 'animal specie...'"
>And he is indeed correct.  Therefore we have NO SAY in
>how the farmer farms us.  We are allowed to live and
>work for the good of the Emperor and the New World
>ORder of the Ages.  They can spray our air, pollute
>our waters, poison our food to experiment on us, and
>give us shots to see how long we live or die, and we
>have no say because we REMAIN 'human resources' and
>citizens of the corporate beast system and enjoy all
>their god and country parades and holidays, and go to
>their government tax free churches and then we dare
>ask: "How come I have to pay a kick-back tax to them
>for the privilege of using their debt script notes"
>and "how can they do all these evil things to us." 
>Easy!!! You live in a Zionist controlled world and
>remain in debt and in the sin of usury.  And for the
>most part you continue to act like animals that need
>attending.  Certainly not Men and Women.  
>Indeed they are already feeding us our 'soylent green'
>tablets.  Actually we have the poison SOY in almost
>everything now days.  And most think it is the
>healthest thing they can take into their bodies, all
>the while keeping the drug and doctor monopolies in
>power.  Why should anyone ask WHY!?? 
>--- "J. Austin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Yes, this is the argument used by Bill Cooper and
>some folks in Montana, Idaho, etc.
>Far as I know, it's correct.  Some 'people-like
>beings' have beaten driver's license tickets, etc.
>That goes a wee bit past what I was talking about.
> i.e.  the privatization of government services - so the
> gov't cannot be held accountable for the activity. 
>Like the "private guys" torturing people in Iraq and
>Afghanistan, murdering civilians, raping and
>robbing. Basically freely because no-one will hold them
> responsible.
>  The troops ?  Yeah, they get arrested and so on.....
> Not the private guys. 
>And that will be happening more and more here, if we
> let it.  It seems that Bush is well aware of that "god
> damn piece of paper", and the best way to get around it.  Like
> prisons, put law enforcement in private hands.
>As for all of us being a 'resource', wait til they
> start making the green crackers.....
>    -oom
>Joseph Toman wrote:
> I think we have a failure to communicate.  A
>'citizen' is a 'person' under legislative statutes, a 'human
> resourse' and 'surity' for the National Debt which
>  a 14th amendment citizen cannot question.  See
>Joseph Toman wrote:
>Well, guess you got me there; but I am not a "person"; sorry, you must be.  
>>>>>>>So if you are a person born or naturalized in the United States, you 
>better comply.
> There are other legal arguments regarding taxation.
>The 14th also says that I am a citizen of the United
>States and the State of California.  I guess they  wanted to
>make that clear at the time.
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