This is the Email that I sent to my Congressman and two senators because of 
information that one of my NYC supporters taught me. If anyone of you has had 
this problem because you receive Social Security money and are an activist, 
feel free to post it here.


Arlene Johnson

Congressman Dicks,
Ever since I was 54-years-old, I have been on Social Security, no SSI, just SS. 
Now, the NSA is preventing me from receiving the whole amount, which is $787.00 
for 2006. Last month, the NSA absconded with $176.50 of my monthly benefit. I 
called the Bangor Maine office because I lived in Maine after I moved away from 
WA state. I spoke with Eric (don't know his last name) because Ms. Kidder, the 
woman who normally handles shorted out money, wasn't there that day.

I asked for an investigation. I gave Eric my SS# which is ***********, and told 
him that I knew that it was the NSA which did this to me.

Now, again this month, September, the NSA, an agency of the Shadow government, 
caused me to be shorted out $88.00. Therefore, please get this money into my 
checking account,  which is directly deposited electronically into my Bank of 
America checking account, #******** in Gig Harbor, WA. Also get the NSA to end 
this practice of me. 

I have made numerous people aware that the NSA has done to me because a 
supporter in NYC was kind to tell me that it is this agency that does this to 
people who are going up against the Bush "administration."

I can't call the 800 number for the SSA because I am in Sweden where calling 
800 numbers is not free. For your convenience the SSA is at 1 800 772-1213. The 
Bangor Maine office of the SSA is 1 (207) 990-4530. If you call there, ask to 
speak with Ms. Kidder.

If anyone tries to tell you that this is for Medicare, tell them that I can't 
use Medicare in Europe. They know that I am in Europe because I made Ellen 
Nichols of the Bangor Maine SSA office aware of that fact in 2004. The SSA, 
therefore, needs to reverse this charge and deposit all this money into my 
checking account, and stop charging me for it. But I suspect that it is the NSA 
that's doing this because the amounts vary.

I am going to contact Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell also regarding this 
matter. It is bad enough that our government uses the psychiatric profession to 
betray patriotic citizens, but this is going beyond the pale. I demand that 
this money be credited to my account. Enough is enough!

Thank you.


Arlene L. Johnson
A voting constituent presently residing in Sweden

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