Dear friends,
>Animals! What have they to do with the world's situation and people?
>If you read this edition, you'll see.
>Plus, there is more on what is happening to the Palestinian people,
>Jewish people, and on 9/11, etc.
>There is no poetry in this edition, but there are two true stories that
>you will love, both from an Australian who is a great writer. So I hope 
>you will read this edition and send the Demand for the Government
>page to both the Speaker of the House and Tony Blair. They are 
>separate pages, the one to Tony Blair after the one to the Speaker
>of the House in Washington D.C.
>Next time, we will give you an edition that is directly related to
>human beings if you don't think this one is. As usual, the password
>for this edition is in my signature.
>A few of you know that the National Security Agency has stolen
>part of the money I receive from the US government because of
>its betrayal of me in 1995, and not just for one month, but TWO.
>Therefore, if anyone would like to help me compensate for this
>lack of funds, which amounts to $264.50 now ($176.50 in August
>and $88.00 this month) please do so in PayPal, which is at 
> using my formal Email address, which
>is [EMAIL PROTECTED] Any amount will help.
>I have made my Congressman and both Senators aware of this
>betrayal in an attempt to get one of them to rectify this. If you 
>don't believe that the NSA would do such a think to me, let me 
>know. I will then send you the Email which one of my astute and 
>savvy NYC supporters sent me regarding this issue. Originally, I 
>thoght that it was teller error (a teller is a cashier in the bank), 
>but later learned that these benefits are electronically deposited 
>into their respective accounts with no human intervention whatsoever.
>People know who are savvy that the dollar is falling, so this
>situation hurts. I am in Sweden presently, in my attempt to
>return to Norway; thus I want to stay as near Norway as I can.
>Also, I encourage you to log onto my Blog at least 2-3 times 
>a week. Some of the posts I place there are very beneficial.
>It is on the main page of my site, but here it is for you as well:
>Also, if you are interested in knowing why I left the US and the
>highlights of my "travels," log onto my "Travel" Journal Blog at
>Arlene Johnson
> the home of The Journal of History (La verdad 
>sobre la democracia)
>Click on the icon that says Magazine to access the editions.
>Password for 2006: message

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