Thank you so much. I will share this with that person.


Arlene Johnson

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>"Tim White handed us the easy debunk this week by associating his name
>with Ted Gunderson. Game over, time for other things."
>--- In, Arlene Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Someone who shall remain nameless, thinks that part of this is false,
>the part about Tim White. Would anyone, therefore, like to give their
>> Peace,
>> Arlene Johnson
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>> >>Posted by: "Captain May" [EMAIL PROTECTED]   cptmay   Sat Aug 19, 2006
>6:21 am (PST)   Foreword to my editors & publishers: We are reaching the
>point in the infowar at which we need to begin to name the names of
>those who are working for the other side. As you have published me on
>many other controversial topics, I ask that you consider publishing this
>essay about the corruption of the "alternative media" from which many
>good-intentioned Americans receive their news. CPTMAY
>> >>
>> >>Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani -- False Friends to 911 Truth
>> >>
>> >>For the last three years, I have been self-mobilized as a former
>Army intelligence and public affairs officer working in the perilous
>counter-terrorism field -- with a peculiar twist: I think that the Bush
>administration is the terror group against which we must defend
>ourselves. As those who have published my work -- or published articles
>about it -- can attest, my intelligence group, Ghost Troop, is the
>cutting edge of the American Resistance to future false flag terror
>attempts. A quick search-engine check of "Ghost Troop Captain May" will
>turn up hundreds of articles published in dozens of countries. Lately
>we've become a focus of the Lone Star Iconoclast, published in Central
>Texas and read around the world for its candor about Bush, and while
>he's in Crawford on his summer break, he's reading our work.
>> >>
>> >>Now that the 911 Truth Movement is gaining momentum, I intend to
>publish articles naming the names of those alternative media figures who
>are "false friends," meaning that they have collaborated with the Bush
>administration, while posing as helpers of the 911 Truth Movement. My
>conviction that such people, Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani among them,
>are a great danger to the movement and the country.
>> >>
>> >>Thorn and Guliani have done everything they could to sabotage
>genuine efforts to interdict false flag terror attacks -- and have
>published articles that make it clear enough that such was their
>purpose. In this essay I'll stick to what I know as a principle
>participant, and what has been published in mainstream, non-alternative
>venues to back my claims. There are two particular instances in which
>the two Wing TV hosts have collaborated with the feds to sabotage the
>movement and cooperate with the feds to set up US cities.
>> >>
>> >>How the 911 Truth Movement Saved Texas City (1/31/06)
>> >>
>> >>In January, 2006, my cyber-intelligence unit, Ghost Troop, became
>aware of nuclear terror exercises being run out of Ft. Monroe, VA and
>Charleston, SC. Although the people running the exercises denied that
>Texas City was involved, we thought otherwise, and began to say so
>through interviews and articles. Our efforts garnered the attention of a
>wide array of a dozen alternate media figures, most prominently Greg
>Szymanski, with whom I did several interviews in advance of our
>prediction date of a 1/31/06 attempt.
>> >>
>> >>Greg Szymanski wrote four articles as our mission to preempt the
>planned attack progressed to its successful culmination, and they pretty
>much connect the dots on how we used our extensive network of Texas City
>contacts to develop our analysis and prediction. His first article,
>written after we had spoken for a couple of hours about the signs
>pointing toward the terror event, carried the bold title, All Signposts
>Lead to Imminent Nuclear Attack In America; his last, published after
>our prediction date for the nuclear attack, was Texas City British
>Petroleum Employee Heard "Strange Abort Signal" on Local Radio Station.
>> >>
>> >>The last Szymanski article contained the same information as a
>mainstream article by TJ Aulds of the Galveston County Daily News,
>published Feb. 2. As the article admitted, the day after the Ghost Troop
>prediction of a nuclear attempt against Texas City, day after nuclear
>forces for the Department of Defense were out in force on local beaches,
>setting up their equipment! It had all been unknown to local media, and
>even to my Houston Police CID contacts.
>> >>
>> >>The only excuse the official mouthpieces of the various involved
>departments (FBI, Homeseca and the military -- anyone surprised?) was
>that any appearance of a connection between the Ghost Troop warnings of
>the previous two weeks and the apparent confirmation of those warnings
>by the presence of nuclear assets was "coincidence."
>> >>
>> >>I'll include the Szymanski articles below the essay, but the
>mainstream confirmation is not to be missed, as it gives the whole scam
>away while trying to explaining it away. Had it not been for a panic in
>the city (acknowledged by the article), the whole thing would no doubt
>have been kept to our alternative media efforts:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>A local minister, Jon Watkins, was also part of the attempt to shut
>down the attack that he saw coming. He goes on the hero list for the
>risks he took in confronting local and federal agencies, trying to save
>the lives of his family and friends, and his own comments on the TJ
>Aulds article are worth a read, as they show the rage locals felt at the
>effort to shut down our warning:
>> >>
>> >>Our results were wonderful to a 911 Truth Movement that usually
>doesn't get such proof, and they spread quickly through publications in
>Australia, Canada, Ireland and even Germany. The feds were livid at the
>aborted attempt, and the movement was delighted!
>> >>
>> >>The Disinfo Counterattack by Thorn, Guliani -- and FBI's Tim White
>> >>
>> >>Why, in light of such extensive alternative media efforts (and thank
>God for them!), along with such rare mainstream confirmation, did Victor
>Thorn and Lisa Guliani try to destroy Greg Szymanski's career soon
>afterwards -- while attacking Ghost Troop and me with every schoolyard
>insult they could muster? Further, why were they following the efforts
>of FBI COINTELPRO operative Tim White (their ally), who also attacked
>Szymanski -- and several other alternative media who had helped Ghost
>Troop to spread warning of the impending attack? White's article
>actually ran the day before the 1/31/06 prediction date, on 1/30/06, so
>eager was the disinformation crowd to suppress the results of our
>mission that they knew were valid!
>> >>
>> >>I provide the links to the Thorn and Guliani attack articles, which
>mirrored the efforts by FBI asset Tim White to sabotage our warning to
>Texas City, except that while White was trying to enable the attack,
>Thorn and Guliani were going to inflict maximum damage on Szymanski to
>make sure that no one was willing to cooperate with us to stop another
>attack! I'll provide snippets with each link:
>> >>
>> >>Greg Szymanski's Lies and Fakery (Wing TV)
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>"From day one, we here at WING TV said this was a hoax, and it was -
>a 100% hoax. How did we know? Because the information came from a
>crackpot named �Captain Eric May� who leads what he calls
>�The Ghost Troops.�
>> >>
>> >>"The Ghost Troops! They sound like something that should be on the
>front of a cereal box for eight-year old children."
>> >>
>> >>"Now, anyone who isn�t a complete horse�s ass would have
>known this is Crackpot Rubbish 101 � everyone except Greg
>> >>
>> >>"Y�see, Syzmanski didn�t only embarrass himself horribly,
>he brought ridicule on the entire alternative media with his shoddy
>journalism. Regrettably, sensationalism seems to be Szymanski�s
>> >>
>> >>Greg Szymanksi: Be Very Wary (Wing TV)
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>"He ran with Captain May's "Imminent Nuclear Attack in Texas City,
>Tx." It never happened, yet he blurted in his headline that it was
>IMMINENT. How much more of this National Enquirer style 'journalism' are
>we supposed to tolerate?"
>> >>
>> >>How the 911 Truth Movement Saved Chicago (5/2-4/06)
>> >>
>> >>In late April, patriots from the Midwest sent us reports of possible
>"Chicago 911" exercises being set up to simulate a bio attack, followed
>by a building collapse (like the Sears Tower, an announced "Al Qaeda"
>target since 9/11). Given my Army background in military intelligence
>and public affairs, I was quickly able to ascertain from top military
>and police officials in the area that the exercises were real, and
>planned for May 2-4. On April 26, I published a worldwide alert about
>the danger to Chicago, and Illinois Governor Blagojevich issued a press
>release the next day, April 27, to cover his ass on the "drills" that
>had been planned in secret for the last six months:
>> >>
>> >>Once again, Ghost Troop had been right on target, on time, to
>interdict a dangerous situation. I went on the Daniel Ott show just
>before the attack date, and on other alternative radio outlets as well,
>leading a classic Ghost Troop public affairs blitz to stop the attacks
>before they could start with widespread citizen awareness. Just to make
>our warning all the more probable, it turned out that Chicago Mayor
>Daley "just happened" to be in Israel while the feds (Homeseca in the
>lead) "practiced" the destruction of his city:
>> >>
>> >>The Irish 911 Truth Movement led the way among international groups
>that published our results, and in fact posted both our key Texas City
>(1/31/06) links along with our Chicago 911 links:
>> >>
>> >>The Disinfo Counterattack by Thorn, Guliani -- and FBI's Tim White
>> >>
>> >>Once again, Wing TV went on the attack -- not against the feds who
>were setting up Chicago, but against the patriots who dared to suggest a
>set-up! They again tried to attack the Texas City results, and attacked
>any notion that anything could have been amiss in Chicago. Our results
>were invalid, according to them, and I was simply crazy for claiming
>them. Apparently quite familiar with FBI asset Tim White, they set him
>up as an adversary against Ghost Troop:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
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