Is this true, that we, the people, are the creditors? Please comment on this. 
It is my understanding that the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are the 
creditors, that this is why they want to keep us alive so we can pay the debt 
until such time as they deem that we die. This is why seat belts have become 


Arlene Johnson
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                                              By: Scott Vaught 


      It has been said that all systems of Law provide Remedy and Recourse. I 
have come to understand, that this well hidden feature in Law, is not for our 
benefit. But, heaven forbid, to specifically preventing those self same Laws 
from ever applying equally to those who make them! 

     To facilitate this hidden feature in Law, laws are written in Code through 
the use of Legalese, wherein the meaning of the words do not follow the 
definitions of the same words used in common speech or, as defined in our 
English Dictionaries. The primary purpose of legislative Law is to conceal the 
meaning. Not to reveal it! This forever keeps the interpretation of the intent 
and application of Law in the monopoly control of government institutions and 
our government’s Courts.

      In Errie Rail Road –v- Thompkins  (1938), the U.S Supreme Court Ruled: 
“The United States is a Bankrupt Nation in Receivership to this Nation’s 
Creditors;” And,

“All Law is Commerce!”    

      Virtually all accents are placed on the significance of the National 
Bankruptcy and the greater Land-Mark Ruling: “All Law is Commerce,” is 
generally ignored. Since all Commerce is through Contract, all Law is now 
through “Contract!”  If this does not open your eyes, at the risk of 
insulting your intelligence, permit me to explain. All Rights secured in our 
written Constitutions, are Common Law Rights. Common Law Rights can only be 
claimed in Article III Courts of common Law.  Those U.S. Courts were abolished 
in 1966. They have been replaced with Article I Courts of Equity (Contract 
Law). There are no secured Rights in Equity. Equity is: “an interest” and our 
high Court Ruled over two hundred years ago: “An Interest has no rights, only 
a flesh and blood person has rights secured in the Constitution.”  

       At the “Conference of the Governors of the States,” each of the 
governors of the several States, pledged: “Our Lives, Our Liberty, Our Future 
Labor, and All Private Property, to the Bankrupt Federal Government, as Surety 
for the National Debt!  Every American Citizen is and has been sold into 
Economic Slavery.  Enters, the “Uniform Commercial Code,” now the Supreme Law 
of the Land!


     In Contract Law, we are familiar with the terms: “Creditor” and 
“Debtor.”  But in this immediate matter, we fail to understand who we are!  
If I lend you $100.00, I become the Creditor and you become the Debtor.  If on 
the other hand, I borrow $100.00 from you, you become the Creditor and I the 

     Now, let us return to review Errie Rail Road –v- Thompkins (1938). The 
“United States” is a Bankrupt Nation, in Receivership to: the “Nation’s 
Creditors.”  Note: The Federal and State Governments are Bankrupt, NOT THE 
PEOPLE!  And to remedy this status, the Governors of the several States, 
pledged (Loaned) the Lives, Liberty, Future Labor, and all Private Property 
“of the people,” to the Bankrupt Federal and State governments as surety for 
the National Debt.  Question, Who made the Loan? Who received the benefit?  The 
Governors of the States only pledged, they didn’t lend anything, they were 
also bankrupt! So now, once again: Who loaned, and who received the benefit?  
We-the- People “loaned” and the Bankrupt Federal and State governments 
received the benefit!

    Thus, as the Lender, we the people are each the “Creditor” and our 
bankrupt government is the “Debtor.”  Therefore, we are the Creditors, to 
whom the Bankrupt Federal and State governments (Debtors) are in Receivership! 


       Enters, UCC, (The Uniform Commercial Code), providing: Remedy and 

     The pledging of our lives, liberty, future labor, and private property 
without our knowledge or consent would have been an act of treason, except 
Remedy and Recourse is provided. The UCC also known as: “Law Merchant Code,” 
provides Remedy and Recourse, but only to the select few who understand its 
function. The single provision providing that Remedy and Recourse is UCC 1-207, 
(now superceded) by UCC 1-308.

     We each have as an inalienable right, to unlimited power to contract via 
our Signature. We have the right to Contract and the right not to Contract. 
But, it is not the Contract itself that diminishes or removes our rights and 
status as Sovereigns. It is our entering into a contract as the Debtor!  This 
is done by our failure to reserve our rights “at Law,” when entering a valid 
contract.  With our rights reserved, we are the Merchant / Creditor and the 
other party or parties to the Contract become the “Debtor/s.”

      In essence, with properly reserved rights we are and continue to be the 
private Merchants over our own Commercial affairs.  However, should we fail to 
reserve our rights over our signature, our rights are waived, and we become the 
“Debtor!”  In which case, your ens legis name, spelled in all capital 
letters,  (a legal fiction and creature of Law) binds you as a legal fiction 
(You Incorporated), to the terms of the Contract as the “Debtor,” and the 
other party or parties thereto, become the “Creditor!” 

          The U.S. is Bankrupt, the States are Bankrupt, the Federal Reserve is 
Bankrupt and the Fiat Currency (Federal Reserve Notes), while “legal tender” 
is not Lawful Tender! You, the real man, are the only one who is not bankrupt. 
You and I are the “Creditors!”

Until we   waive our rights   when entering a contract, by failing to reserve 
them over our signature.  The reservation of your rights preserves your status 
as a Sovereign and Creditor. You become the   Agent, & Secured Party   Creditor 
 of the ens legis (fictional) Strawman.  And as the Agent, Secured Party 
Creditor, you are the Private Merchant over all of your commercial affairs.

     When you fail to make a valid reservation of your rights when entering 
into a contract, the other party to the contract becomes the Merchant/Creditor 
and you become the Debtor!  The   "substance"  of the contract is your credit, 
which you have unknowingly loaned as it were, to our bankrupt government and 
the Federal Reserve System. And through Legislative and Judicial trickery, you 
are robbed of your status as the lender/ creditor and made the debtor!  Make a 
valid reservation of your rights EVERY TIME you sign your Signature on 
anything!  Become the Private Merchant over your own Commercial Affairs, and 
Educate Yourself! Or, in the alternative, remain a slave to your cruel and 
brutal taskmasters who have no mercy on self imposed stupidity!

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